Definition of repaint in US English:



[with object]
  • Cover with a new coat of paint.

    • ‘After unpacking most of my things, I decided I'd find my father and talk about repainting my room.’
    • ‘We're actually repainting one of our MD - 11s, so the paint job will look the same as it did back in 1975.’
    • ‘Sprucing up kitchens and bathrooms by repainting units, or adding fresh new tiles, can be a cheap way to up the asking price.’
    • ‘But by 1910 something drastic had clearly happened to the canvas, for the reproduction included in the Yerkes sale catalogue shows that during the intervening eight years it had been extensively repainted.’
    • ‘Using watercolor, Caramelle painted, washed off and repainted sections of blue, red, yellow and blue-black.’
    • ‘I could paint the entire thing grey first and then repaint with ivy green.’
    • ‘Instead of focusing his attention on repainting it, though, his eye was caught by movement in the reflection.’
    • ‘His mama and I had been a sight by the time we finished repainting the porch.’
    • ‘The production design is superb with bright colors everywhere - they go so far as to digitally repaint all the foliage in a countryside scene a garish purply pink - and the director has never met a sight gag he didn't love.’
    • ‘As in Griaule's day, after circumcision the boys demonstrate that they have mastered the meaning of the symbols by repainting the images.’
    • ‘For most of the day I work on that one spot, taping along the marble trim, sealing the edge of the tape, painting and then repainting the bands.’
    • ‘The palace was first painted in the early 1990s, but it was repainted in December 1995 in preparation for the aforementioned celebration marking the opening of the tourist season.’
    • ‘I repainted the cropped fragment until the shapes that lured me there were lifted into their present composition.’
    • ‘Aer Lingus has taken the dotcom route so seriously, it repainted four of its planes with a giant logo instead of the shamrock.’
    • ‘One fine morning, the two siblings had begun their day, repainting the rusted gate.’
    • ‘We are going to wait until we have refurbished and repainted it before selling.’
    • ‘Years of repainting the lockers were beginning to show as layers of paint were cracking off of the lockers around us.’
    • ‘When I told Katelyn that I was repainting my room, she wanted to help so bad that she begged me.’
    • ‘To add warmth, they install light fixtures and repaint walls in warm, neutral tones.’
    • ‘He said you should do some compositional studies, and work on repainting your pot.’
    repaint, patch up, retouch, renovate, refurbish, spruce up, restore, revive, renew, revamp, brush up, rehabilitate, overhaul, recondition, refresh, rejuvenate
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  • in singular An act of painting something again.

    • ‘Freud takes advantage of the almost infinite freedom oil gives to overpaint, scrape, repaint and correct.’
    • ‘It's the five-year repaint, something most institutions do routinely, but at the Royal Opera House it stuns me to a standstill.’
    • ‘‘I don't do boat repaints, it's purely the lettering and the artwork,’ he said, ‘But I'm looking forward to getting back into it.’’
    • ‘However, given the extent of the 1902-10 repaint, and the one carried out between 1910 and 1932, his assertion seems entirely believable.’
    • ‘Price paints the forms with patches and dots of color, sands down the surface and repaints.’
    • ‘The use of organic solvents - applied on small swabs and chosen specifically to soften varnishes and more recent repaints, but not original paint - remains the usual cleaning method.’
    • ‘At home in her garret, she leads a solitary life reading, dreaming, watching television and spying on a neighboring recluse who endlessly repaints Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party.’