Definition of reoccupy in US English:



[with object]
  • Occupy (a place or position) again.

    ‘repairs will be required before tenants reoccupy the building’
    • ‘Norfolk died in January 1476, and John the Elder hastily moved to reoccupy Caister Castle, as a letter from John the Younger indicates.’
    • ‘The Allies would keep their military forces on the Rhine to enforce payment and have the right to reoccupy German territory in the event of default.’
    • ‘In February 1947, following the Battle of Hanoi, France reoccupied Hanoi and the Viet Minh once again assumed the position of guerrillas, fighting in the mountains.’
    • ‘They reoccupied our towns, villages and refugee camps, destroyed our security infrastructure, destroyed our police station, and they said we're doing this to stop these suicide bombings.’
    • ‘The isolation of the pub from the rest of its property means that it was unlikely ever to be reoccupied for college purposes.’
    • ‘But the Israeli government should ask itself about what they are doing today, and their decision to reoccupy our cities.’
    • ‘When the Red Army reoccupied these areas whole nations, including party members, were deported and accused of collaboration.’
    • ‘When Germany reoccupied the Rhineland in March 1936, the French government initially made belligerent noises, but once it became clear that Britain would not provide support, the French quietly acquiesced.’
    • ‘Well, the decision of whether to reoccupy a city, in this case New Orleans, is really a multiple issue decision.’
    • ‘Little is known about the Iron Age occupation, but the site was certainly reoccupied in the late C3 and C4 AD, and in Saxon times a cemetery was established within the ramparts.’
    • ‘They will remain in the town in a bid to prevent insurgents from reoccupying it once those Marines pull out.’
    • ‘When the French launched a campaign to reoccupy the region, a ruthless war ensued.’
    • ‘Despite being totally destroyed by fire after a siege in 585, part of the site was quickly reoccupied, to survive through to the present day.’
    • ‘When these estates were reoccupied at the end of the century it was as abandoned land given over to settlers imported by government.’
    • ‘One contingent of British troops reached the oilfields of Baku, which it occupied until September, when the Turks reoccupied the area.’
    • ‘She warned of divine punishment if the capital were not reoccupied.’
    • ‘France, however, hoped to reassert control over Indo-China and reoccupied the main cities.’
    • ‘By the end of September 1896, he had reoccupied the northernmost province of Dongola, roughly halfway to Khartoum.’
    • ‘In response, Paraguayan forces reoccupied the site.’
    • ‘In cases in which private owners let their claim go, they still often find support in the government for their attempts to reoccupy land under the justification that they are best able to exploit the land productively.’
    return to, come back to, take up again, occupy again
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