Definition of rent party in US English:

rent party


  • A party held to raise money to pay rent by charging guests for attendance.

    • ‘In print I gathered that blues was fundamentally social; I was always reading something about the big names of the genre getting their start playing fish-fries, juke joints, and rent parties.’
    • ‘The first time I met Jack Benny, he took me to a rent party.’
    • ‘For Thurman, documenting Harlem life meant describing rent parties, discrimination among blacks, unusual sexual choices, and, in some cases, people's dissatisfaction with their own skin color.’
    • ‘This ‘emotional hangover’ that Ray and Stephen both experience by the novel's conclusion recalls the night of the rent party mentioned in my introduction.’
    • ‘He wrote about the experience of black Americans, including lynchings and rent parties.’
    • ‘The first time I went to 3 Muses I jotted in my notebook, ‘It reminds me of a rent party.’’
    • ‘As a young Beatnik-hipster, he attended every event, from poetry readings to concerts to gallery openings to rent parties.’
    • ‘After visiting Harlem's nightclubs and several rent parties, Mitchell realizes that he is the same man he met in his own kitchen.’
    • ‘Granted, Edmonton is not Harlem, and Duke Ellington won't be showing up to cut all comers at the piano, but the rent party is infinitely adaptable.’
    • ‘Swing originated in the juke joints and rent parties of Kansas City, Chicago and Harlem.’