Definition of rent control in US English:

rent control


  • Government control and regulation of the amounts charged for rented housing.

    • ‘It is easy to understand why those participants would be interested in pursuing other contractual formats to allow them to exploit the gains from trade that rent control otherwise would prevent them from exploiting.’
    • ‘It is noteworthy that there are no slums in Kathmandu, Nepal, although the per capita income there is much lower than in Delhi, simply because there is no rent control and landlords have an incentive to invest in housing.’
    • ‘For instance, the restriction of supply that rent control causes makes standard forms of family living more costly.’
    • ‘No government of any party found it politically possible to remove rent control until the Housing Acts of 1980 and 1988.’
    • ‘And as with many social forces in Santa Monica, the roots of this debate can be traced to rent control.’
    • ‘They argue that displacement after rent control was not severe, and that the market is successfully adjusting.’
    • ‘With rent control, he now pays about $1,900, although similar units are now going for upwards of $4,000.’
    • ‘Systems of price and rent control similarly go by the boards, as does the full range of tariffs, anti-dumping laws, and other impediments to international trade.’
    • ‘So far, both sides are claiming victory in the first battle of what is perhaps the most expensive and hotly contested political war since rent control became the law in this oceanfront liberal bastion two decades ago.’
    • ‘Yes, rent control does change allocative outcomes within a society, and does so in a wide variety of ways along an indefinitely large number of margins.’
    • ‘Even in Thatcherite Britain there was some rent control.’
    • ‘Until last year, Laura managed to pay for the apartment, which rent control helped keep at $436 a month.’
    • ‘This creates some perverse effects, similar to those of rent control.’
    • ‘Think New York with stupider money and no rent control.’
    • ‘They scrapped rent control and ended publicly-funded housing, creating a crisis in this region due to a lack of affordable housing.’
    • ‘One form of intervention concerns the debate over government regulation of the private market via rent control, zoning, building codes, and the Community Reinvestment Act.’
    • ‘With rent control illegal for commercial and office spaces, non-residential landlords are free to raise rents to market value or above.’
    • ‘Her earlier work includes articles on rent control in Chicago in the World War II era and an analysis of non-profit housing development in Boston from the 1960s through the 1980s.’
    • ‘Sure, there's rent control, but there are ways around it.’
    • ‘Yet rent control discourages private investment in low-cost housing, hardly a boon to the poor.’