Definition of renormalization in US English:


(British renormalisation)


  • A method used in quantum mechanics in which unwanted infinities are removed from the solutions of equations by redefining parameters such as the mass and charge of subatomic particles.

    • ‘‘If you remove the high-energy scale through the process of renormalization, the spectral features are very sharp,’ Phillips said.’
    • ‘The solution was a trick called renormalization, worked out by Feynman, Julian Schwinger, Sin-Itiro Tomonaga and Freeman Dyson.’
    • ‘Using the method of renormalization which he also developed Schwinger was able to prove that a small anomalous contribution should be added to the value of the magnetic moment accepted until then.’
    • ‘This phenomenon, coupled with highly nonlinear absorption and heavy pump beam attenuation, makes extraction of quantitative information from emission or excitation data very difficult without appropriate renormalization.’