Definition of renomination in US English:



  • See renominate

    • ‘Three and a half months later, he pulled out of the Democratic race for renomination because he couldn't win.’
    • ‘Having satisfied neither liberals nor conservatives, Carter narrowly won renomination but then lost the 1980 election to Ronald Reagan.’
    • ‘In 1948 the States Rights Democratic Party was founded by diehard Southern Democrats opposed to President Truman's renomination as Democrat candidate, on account of his stand on civil rights.’
    • ‘His support had plummeted in the polls while his decision to fight to his political death seemingly ruled out any chance Democrats might support his renomination in 2004.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, within the Whig camp, incumbent President John Tyler was denied renomination due to his party's dissatisfaction with his excessive use of the veto against their own legislation.’