Definition of renminbi in English:



  • 1The system of currency of the People's Republic of China, introduced in 1948.

    1. 1.1 The yuan.
      • ‘This is largely due to nonsterilized foreign exchange market interventions aimed at keeping the exchange rate between the renminbi and the dollar stable.’
      • ‘And we certainly wouldn't have the exchange rate distortions between the renminbi and the dollar.’
      • ‘What contingency plans to do you have if China does revalue the renminbi?’
      • ‘This reinforcement of capital controls probably played a key role in averting a run on China's domestic currency, the renminbi.’
      • ‘The coexistence of two currencies, that is, the Hong Kong dollar and the renminbi, is a clear demonstration of the differences between the economies of Hong Kong and the mainland.’
      • ‘Another self-contradictory part of the paper is its explanation for China's increase of defense spending from 93.4 billion renminbi in 1998 to 121.2 billion renminbi in 2000, the ministry said.’
      • ‘Currently the exchange rate policy of China's currency, the renminbi, fluctuates only slightly.’
      • ‘As a result, when you cash out, you'll receive dollars - not renminbi.’
      • ‘Greater productivity would put pressure on the yuan, or renminbi to rise, but more trade liberalization and capital liberalization could put pressure on the currency.’
      • ‘What is your comment on a proposal to have Hong Kong adopt the Chinese renminbi as its official currency?’
      • ‘Meanwhile, Yam said Hong Kong's exchange rate system is unlikely to be affected by the situation of the Chinese yuan, also known as the renminbi.’
      • ‘Speculation about an imminent revaluation of China's renminbi against the dollar reached a fever pitch last week in the markets.’
      • ‘During that period of yen weakness, according to Roach, China let it be known that a 135 yen/dollar rate was unacceptable and threatened to devalue the renminbi should the yen weakness continue.’
      • ‘Widespread is understanding that the Chinese renminbi might be a better money choice than the dollar.’
      • ‘On the campaign trail in America the resounding indictment of China - besides its low labor costs - is its currency, the renminbi, and its peg to the dollar.’
      • ‘We are very positive because now the Asian currencies will be cheaper in value to renminbi.’
      • ‘A very small revaluation of the renminbi will not correct China's large balance-of-payments surplus.’
      • ‘The currency, the renminbi, fixed about 8,26 to the dollar, is significantly undervalued, making China's goods cheapest and drawing the world's manufacturing into its factories.’
      • ‘It has also gained just 6.7 per cent relative to the pegged currencies of our trading partners: the Malaysian ringgit, the Hong Kong dollar and the Chinese renminbi.’
      • ‘This is the first change in the value of the renminbi, or yuan, since 1995, when its rate was set at 8.28 to the dollar.’


From Chinese rénmínbì, from rénmín ‘people’ + bì ‘currency’.