Definition of renewable in US English:



  • 1(of a contract, agreement, etc.) capable of being renewed.

    ‘the 30-day truce is renewable by mutual agreement’
    • ‘The chances that Congress is going to adopt five-year renewable copyright terms in this political context are zero.’
    • ‘In Singapore, housemaids are employed on two-year contracts, renewable to a maximum of eight years.’
    • ‘So, if Arsenal retain his services, he will be given a year's contract, renewable thereafter.’
    • ‘Americans bounce back from failures, scandals, and bubbles with infinitely renewable confidence.’
    • ‘All full-time faculty members serve on term appointments of varying lengths, indefinitely renewable at the discretion of the administration.’
    • ‘Homeowners can get an annually renewable residence card, which acts as a visa for both entry and residence, for $50.’
    • ‘For this reason, most outsourcing contracts are renewable at regular intervals to take into account potential changes in the business environment.’
    • ‘After a further period of at least a year, the person can be temporarily incorporated into the prelature through a formal contractual declaration, which is renewable annually.’
    • ‘Temporary workers would be permitted to stay in the United States, he promised, with renewable three-year permits, before eventually returning to their homelands.’
    • ‘Temporary leave is initially available for up to six months and is renewable after review.’
    • ‘She will receive a cash award of $5,000, renewable for up to three additional years.’
    • ‘He said the land would be allocated to the farmers under a 30-year lease that is renewable every ten years at the cost of $500 annually per acre.’
    • ‘In a last-minute deal, the Americans were given a renewable one-year exemption for their troops, but the issue has not yet been resolved.’
    • ‘While he had a renewable agreement to stage the race in Telluride again, it would be moving on, given the locals' angsty response.’
    • ‘Contributions from the Postwar Fund were limited to renewable annual grants of two million Deutschmarks, which the Finance Ministry considered a strain on the federal budget.’
    • ‘The contract is renewable for two additional years.’
    • ‘The term of office of Board Members is eight years and the mandate is not renewable.’
    • ‘The chancellor is appointed for a four-year term, which is renewable.’
    • ‘Thailand, for example, reached a three-year renewable bilateral swap agreement with Japan, covering a maximum of $3 billion, in May.’
    • ‘Faculty members who are hired to fill a tenure-track position are typically hired at the assistant professor level on a three-year renewable contract.’
  • 2(of a natural resource or source of energy) not depleted when used.

    ‘a shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy’
    • ‘The Reichstag in Berlin is supplied with 85 percent renewable energy.’
    • ‘There's no doubt that wind and solar are clean, efficient and renewable sources of energy, but not everyone welcomes an alternative power project in their backyard.’
    • ‘Wind and solar power are also ultimately free and eminently renewable, while coal kills our children and nukes could kill our grandchildren.’
    • ‘The centerpiece is a new law stating that all investor-owned electrical utilities in the state must generate 10 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2011.’
    • ‘The reason why we [work on the solar car] is to show that there is the applicability of renewable resources.’
    • ‘Biodiesel is a renewable fuel which produces less pollution than regular diesel.’
    • ‘No renewable fuel can come on tap fast enough to replace rapidly declining nuclear fuel.’
    • ‘The scheme requires producers of renewable electricity to be inspected and certified.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, researchers are studying the reliability and predictability of tides as a viable source of renewable energy.’
    • ‘Wind power, which is completely renewable, abundant, and economical, has begun to take hold in Ontario.’
    • ‘But the experience of travelling on a renewable fuel and getting it for free was unforgettable, especially because of the people I encountered along the way and their reactions to my car.’
    • ‘On what basis did Australia oppose the renewable energy target?’
    • ‘We should only be investing in truly renewable and safe energy like wind and solar and hydrogen.’
    • ‘If you're willing to put solar panels on your roof or a hybrid car in your driveway, you may be eligible for tax incentives and rebates on renewable sources of energy and related technologies.’
    • ‘The products are renewable fuels and material commodities for delivering clean and sustainable energy services.’
    • ‘Water constitutes cost-free energy for generating electricity that is perpetually renewable and sustainable.’
    • ‘Australia's current target is two percent renewable energy, and under the Howard plan it'll stay that way.’
    • ‘It requires large energy buyers to obtain an extra 1% of their energy from renewable sources by 2010.’
    • ‘The answer has to come from a significant increase in renewable energy sources.’
    • ‘Why not have a look at the real solutions such as renewable power sources and better energy efficiency?’


usually renewables
  • A source of energy that is not depleted by use, such as water, wind, or solar power.

    • ‘As long as the sun continues to shine and the wind to blow, the supply of renewables remains unaffected by foreign-oil cartels or greedy manipulators.’
    • ‘Basically we have to abandon coal-fired electricity and we have to substitute energy efficiency and renewables.’
    • ‘This sustainable gas can be generated locally via renewables like wind, biomass or solar power, but it could also be a new product for our large-scale, centralized oil and nuclear power industries.’
    • ‘This provides certainty for new investment in renewables, particularly wind power.’
    • ‘The good news is that wind power and other renewables don't have to depend on federal leadership.’
    • ‘Nuclear costs must be compared with those for renewables, especially wind and solar receiving equal subsidies.’
    • ‘China is building a 400-megawatt facility 60 miles from Beijing, and says confidently it will be generating 12 percent of its energy from renewables by 2020.’
    • ‘We need to end the fossil fuel addiction anyway, and only higher oil prices will tilt the economics in favor of solar, wind and other renewables.’
    • ‘Cheap and falling fuel prices, certainly in terms of fuelling power stations, have led to unnecessary inefficiencies of energy use and to fewer wind machines and other renewables getting off the ground than anticipated 10 years ago.’
    • ‘The amount of electricity we could generate from solar power, wind and other renewables is limited largely by our investments.’
    • ‘Who will drive the market growth and cost reduction of renewable energy sources, and how will energy storage for intermittent renewables like solar and wind be solved?’
    • ‘By drawing progressively more energy from noncarbon sources, countries would create the mass markets for renewables that would bring down their prices and make them competitive with coal and oil.’
    • ‘Can you tell us how, practically speaking, we are going to get from here to there, given that right now as a nation we're producing less than 1 percent of our energy from non-hydro renewables?’
    • ‘What role will renewables and alternative energies play?’
    • ‘‘Wind power is typically one of the less-expensive renewables,’ says Lieberman.’
    • ‘How does the cost of electricity generated through wave power compare to coal or other renewables like solar or wind?’
    • ‘If we shifted subsidy from carbon-dioxide-producing energy sources to renewables now, we could head off some global warming, reduce military costs in the Middle East, and develop a huge export industry.’
    • ‘Politicians looking to make further contributions could start by giving renewables as big a boost as other energy sources.’
    • ‘It will be very hard work just to meet the growth in energy demand with renewables, much less meet the vast existing demand.’
    • ‘With regulation, they could have pursued a more systemic policy for energy efficiency or renewables using the public-power systems in Sacramento or Los Angeles as models.’