Definition of rend the air in US English:

rend the air


  • Sound piercingly.

    ‘a shrill scream rent the air’
    • ‘The beating of drums coupled with notes from the trumpet rent the air.’
    • ‘The shockwave hit a second later, throwing Tim and the others to the floor as a loud crack rent the air, the sound nearly deafening them.’
    • ‘A horrible yowling sound rent the air, a cacophony of dissonant notes in the cool morning stillness.’
    • ‘Loud cheers rent the air as the smiling star, somewhat overwhelmed by the tumultuous welcome, made her way inside the college.’
    • ‘A student brass band played, rose petals were showered and pigeons were released as peace slogans rent the air.’
    • ‘Unearthly screams rent the air; foul smells offended the nostrils.’
    • ‘The occasional scream of agony and the sound of the lash rent the air.’
    • ‘Shouts of excitement and shrills of joy rent the air.’
    • ‘Loud guffaws rent the air and before one wave of laughter could die another surged in.’
    • ‘He was almost to the tree, when he heard a piercing scream rend the air.’