Definition of rencontre in US English:



  • variant spelling of rencounter
    • ‘Who else would have put so much energy and resources into bringing 20 Indian writers to their country for a series of ‘rencontres’ with the public of this highly literate land?’
    • ‘The last rencontre between Prince and Rusalka, she poised on the steps, he ultimately doing a slow death-cascade down the waterfall below her, was (almost visibly) - melting.’
    • ‘Hey all, hope you're enjoying this… Jamie and Kara have their first rencontre in this chap, so read on!’
    • ‘‘I will explain,’ he said, ‘and that you may comprehend all clearly, we will first retrace the course of your meditations, from the moment in which I spoke to you until that of the rencontre with the fruiterer in question.’’


Early 17th century: French.