Definition of remorselessness in US English:



  • See remorseless

    • ‘It might seem that the only thing these two news items have in common is that both are expressions of natural phenomena, the remorselessness of ageing and the unpredictability of the elements.’
    • ‘From time to time there is an undercurrent of remorselessness, and it is obvious here.’
    • ‘It's performed with an escalating physical remorselessness that often ends in bloodied knuckles and ruptured piano strings.’
    • ‘One curious thing about her is that her evident calculatedness, her shark-like remorselessness and her aloofness has never dented her immense popularity.’
    • ‘That's it: the terror of the gap between a world of feeling, fear, anxiety, and the terrible remorselessness of the demands of morality.’