Definition of remonstrate in English:



  • Make a forcefully reproachful protest.

    ‘he turned angrily to remonstrate with Tommy’
    [with direct speech] ‘“You don't mean that,” she remonstrated’
    • ‘We sense this as he remonstrates at one point by cellular phone with his parents in Tehran about a funeral at which he should be present, yet which he will have to miss, on account of his work, except for the seventh day of mourning.’
    • ‘Jake and Alex argued again, with Alex remonstrating with Jake about the fictitious anonymous buyer.’
    • ‘He never conceals that he assumes to fulfill a mission through his documentaries, but, while remonstrating with the failures of corporate capitalism, he appeared to be a social critic.’
    • ‘At the same time his wife, Nina, remonstrates with him to assume the mantle of what she regards as his responsibility to bear witness: ‘Survivors are witnesses, and when they are gone there will be nothing left’.’
    • ‘‘I am only trying to turn you into a lady,’ he remonstrates.’
    • ‘Micko was seen remonstrating with the referee and umpires at half time after Chris Conway's goal was disallowed.’
    • ‘Shouting for it to stop, he propped his charge against a wall and went to remonstrate with the impertinent driver.’
    • ‘There is another shocking moment in Juliet's bedroom when her mother and father are remonstrating with her about her refusal to accept Paris.’
    • ‘These comments were not without irony considering that Quinn was remonstrating with Newry full back Michael Kelly moments before things kicked off.’
    • ‘She admits remonstrating with nurses but said she was careful to avoid being offensive or being seen as threatening.’
    • ‘He was remonstrating with a beggar and pointing at a photograph.’
    • ‘Sullivan remonstrates with the Chelsea forward, who lifts an arm to fend him off.’
    • ‘Eve immediately realizes that this cut results from her frustration and fear, and remonstrates with her mother about her ability to distinguish real or presciently envisioned danger from that which exists only in her imagination.’
    • ‘Taking his privilege as a dying man and the king's uncle, Gaunt remonstrates with him, calling him England's landlord rather than her king.’
    • ‘On the other hand, when remonstrating with sceptics in private he pleads the mind-blowing evidence that crosses his desk from many intelligence people at home and abroad as if it were raw gospel truth.’
    • ‘The next day it voted to remonstrate yet again against the king's reply to the protestations of the thirteenth.’
    • ‘For the second time in as many months the Sligo Rovers boss was sent from the sideline for remonstrating with a match official.’
    • ‘The mother is remonstrating with her daughter who is disfigured by lameness and in more pain than usual because of a recent misguided attempt to climb a mountain.’
    • ‘‘You know it's important to him,’ his wife remonstrated.’
    • ‘The architect, however, takes the tool out of the artisan's hand and although he remonstrates with him for his clumsiness, begins to enact forgiveness.’
    object strongly to, complain vociferously about, protest against, lodge a protest against, argue against, take a stand against, oppose strongly, take exception to, take issue with, make a fuss about, challenge, raise objections to, express disapproval of, express disagreement with, speak out against
    protest, complain, expostulate
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Late 16th century (in the sense make plain): from medieval Latin remonstrat- demonstrated from the verb remonstrare, from re- (expressing intensive force) + monstrare to show.