Definition of remodeler in US English:



North American
  • A person who carries out structural alterations to an existing building, such as adding a new room.

    • ‘Cutting corners is a common mistake for remodelers.’
    • ‘For bathroom remodelers in search of the perfect faucet, surfing the Web is becoming a popular alternative to driving from store to store.’
    • ‘While most states license electrical and plumbing contractors, only 36 states have some type of licensing and registration statutes affecting contractors, remodelers, and/or specialty contractors.’
    • ‘There are currently more than 171,500 remodeling firms in America, and 200,000 full-time self-employed remodelers.’
    • ‘In their place, remodelers often had to use whatever happened to be in fashion at the moment.’
    • ‘How do I go about finding reputable remodelers and interior designers?’
    • ‘No, Pickert isn't some persnickety homeowner with a penchant for one-of-a-kind wares, but rather a remodeler trying to do things the environmentally friendly way.’
    • ‘Sally, you've stumbled upon one of those irritating dilemmas that face just about every remodeler at one time or another.’
    • ‘Installing your pool table lights should be relatively easy for the weekend home remodeler.’
    • ‘But on a walk in his Minneapolis neighborhood, Paul spotted a ‘For Sale’ sign in the lawn of a two-story Colonial, and the restless pangs of a serial remodeler resurfaced.’
    • ‘Today's remodelers are going big and going all out when it comes to redesigning their bathrooms since there are far more design concepts available especially for the smaller bathroom.’
    • ‘They belong to two distinct schools of artistic endeavor, the renovator and remodeler, yet they share some methods, the remodeler occasionally refurbishing and the renovator occasionally demolishing.’
    • ‘She and her husband Alan, who is a remodeler, collaborated to produce a beautifully detailed home workplace within what was previously a rear bedroom (and before that a long, narrow, screened porch).’
    • ‘It reminded me of the day when the remodelers presented their final plan for a proposed addition to the old house.’
    • ‘Her advice to other remodelers: ‘Don't just have someone come in and rip things up’.’
    • ‘We were both just out of college, she worked part time at a commercial greenhouse, and I worked in the off-season for a remodeler.’
    • ‘Sitting cross-legged on a white shag rug with blueprints from her latest project spread in front of her, Julie calms any fears would-be remodelers might have about tinkering with the interior structure of an older house.’
    • ‘Houses designed for a specific client and site may be submitted by builders, architects, remodelers, designers, and other industry professionals.’
    • ‘Join more than 10,000 residential architects, remodelers, and custom builders to view 100,000 square feet of products and attend educational courses and workshops.’
    • ‘For example, the 6.3 percent of remodelers who spent $20,000 or more on home improvements accounted for almost half of the 2000-2001 total, while the 2.7 percent of remodelers spending $35,000 or more accounted for over a third.’