Definition of remittal in English:



  • See remit

    • ‘So you say, one, there cannot be remittal because of section 476 and, secondly, you say in any event the matter should be dismissed?’
    • ‘Again, on page 20 at about line 5 his Honour repeats that and also mentions that there are in excess of about 100 matters still in the High Court awaiting remittal.’
    • ‘The remittal effected by the above orders is to be subject to the right of either party to have the matter reconsidered by a Justice of this Court in the event that any step desired to be taken cannot be taken in the Federal Court.’
    • ‘Your Honour, may I respond to a couple of the points of my learned friend in regard to the issue of remittal to the Federal Court, or do you think that is unnecessary?’
    • ‘Yes, it is really a request for a remittal of this case back to the Supreme Court to deal with a matter which it has not dealt with.’