Definition of remind in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Cause (someone) to remember someone or something.

    ‘he would have forgotten the boy's birthday if you hadn't reminded him’
    with object and direct speech ‘“You had an accident,” he reminded her’
    • ‘Occasionally the guitar figure skips a note, reminding us she is actually playing this.’
    • ‘The Judge properly reminded the jury of the suggested motive for lying.’
    • ‘If you do, your wife will remind you daily for the next six years.’
    • ‘Normally she reminds me by circling the date in red on her desk calendar and angling it so that I can't help but see it.’
    • ‘She left a quick note reminding her father not to forget his meeting in the morning and went on her way.’
    • ‘I was able to remind myself of these cases by reading the notes on the previous evening.’
    • ‘And remind me sometime to write about accessibility of information online.’
    • ‘I pushed through by reminding myself that when this project was finished, it would all be worth it.’
    • ‘Both Isabella Rosellini and Marilyn Monroe began as models, she reminds me.’
    • ‘Healthcare professionals can address the psychological needs by having patients remind themselves daily why they are quitting smoking.’
    • ‘I can't even begin to do it justice except to say that it reminds me why I fell in love with animation in the first place.’
    • ‘On the other hand, I cannot feel too bitter about an occasion that reminds me that my birthday is the next day.’
    jog someone's memory, refresh someone's memory, help someone remember, cause someone to remember
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    1. 1.1remind someone of Cause someone to think of (something) because of a resemblance or likeness.
      ‘his impassive, fierce stare reminded her of an owl’
      • ‘He reminds me rather of Christopher Hitchens, and that's high praise indeed.’
      • ‘We gave them the album… actually they were one of the first to say it reminds them of '80s new wave.’
      • ‘The voice reminds me of the technician that had prepared me for the drop.’
      • ‘The floor resembled an empty floor of a warehouse, and John was reminded of where he'd woken up the day before.’
      • ‘The series reminds me a lot of Cardiac Arrest, this programme that used to be on BBC One in the mid-90s.’
      • ‘It reminds me a little too much of the leisure suit, a fashion faux pas we don't need to revisit.’
      • ‘The way he would hold a note reminded me at the time of David Bowie, though that now seems wide of the mark.’
      make one think of, cause one to remember, put one in mind of, take one back to, bring to mind, call to mind, awake one's memories of, evoke, call up, conjure up, summon up
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    2. 1.2 Bring something, especially a commitment or necessary course of action, to the attention of (someone)
      with object and clause ‘the bartender reminded them that singing was not permitted’
      with object and infinitive ‘she reminded me to be respectful’
      • ‘With the lambing season now under way dog owners are reminded to keep their dogs under control.’
      • ‘These poles and trees are to remind the heir that it is his obligation to care for the orphans.’
      • ‘Members are reminded to bring their competition entries with them for the meeting.’
      • ‘They were all reminded what the real point of the evening was.’
      • ‘The public were reminded to keep to marked footpaths, keep dogs on leads around livestock and close gates.’
      • ‘All catering staff have been reminded of the importance of adhering to these procedures.’
      • ‘Encourage courtesy by reminding children to say please and thank you to those who serve or help them.’
      • ‘He will need to be reminded that his duty is to assist the court rather than Sarah.’
      • ‘All members are reminded to bring something for the supper and also a little gift.’


Mid 17th century: from re- ‘again’ + the verb mind, probably suggested by obsolete rememorate, in the same sense.