Definition of remarriage in US English:



  • A second or subsequent marriage.

    ‘her mother's remarriage caused tensions between them’
    mass noun ‘a widow's prospects of remarriage’
    • ‘I told him of having divorced parents, about my father's remarriage to a total slut.’
    • ‘Many women are reluctant to divorce because remarriage is difficult for them.’
    • ‘Nearly 50% of first marriages and an even higher proportion of remarriages are ending in divorce.’
    • ‘In fact, the only marriage rates that are going up are remarriages.’
    • ‘Remarriage also brings increased risk of sexual abuse, especially for stepdaughters.’
    • ‘There is no impediment to remarriage with another partner for either men or women.’
    • ‘The country's divorce rate is rising, and divorce and remarriage are considered socially acceptable.’
    • ‘Three out of five remarriages of divorced women to single men involve a younger husband.’
    • ‘Couples get married late in life, and divorce and remarriage are common.’
    • ‘At the core of Hamlet is a domestic triangle in which Claudius's stepson does his level best to break up his mother's remarriage.’