Definition of relocation in US English:



  • The action of moving to a new place and establishing one's home or business there.

    ‘the planned relocation of national headquarters to Warwickshire’
    • ‘Without heat or gas on a bitter winter night, the residents nonetheless resist distant relocation.’
    • ‘The book chronicles in vivid detail the boy's plight, starting with the relocation of his family to the Warsaw Ghetto.’
    • ‘Mergers and relocations are among the proposals for some of these institutions.’
    • ‘Every voyage is a journey of transformation; relocation always leads to redefinition.’
    • ‘175 workers were left unemployed or seeking relocation elsewhere in the company's system.’
    • ‘Both these pursuits found their way into his writing, as well as motivating his subsequent relocation to Berlin.’
    • ‘Increased urbanization forced the farm's relocation in the mid 1970s.’
    • ‘The staff celebrates the company's expansion and relocation.’
    • ‘The clothes represented the people who once wore them; the suitcases and airplanes were emblems of relocation and displacement.’
    • ‘Businesses will find a proactive approach to helping facilitate their relocation or expansion into our region.’