Definition of reline in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Replace the lining of.

    ‘the heavily brocaded drapes that she had relined’
    • ‘The factory, which relines used car tyres, is situated in Boralasgamuwa, a suburb of Colombo.’
    • ‘Some will be relined from the inside for more efficient performance and to reduce the need to dig up streets.’
    • ‘Some residents are in the process of getting them relined but the culvert is not the responsibility of Southern Water.’
    • ‘I have had the drapes relined and they are still in beautiful shape but the gold color is very outdated.’
    • ‘The shot-out barrel had been relined, the liner carefully and tightly fit prior to being glassed into place.’
    • ‘The work, to renew and reline water and sewerage pipes, will continue for the next five years and is an overhaul of the clean and waste water pipes system.’
    • ‘Drop several extra trash liners inside each container before relining for a quick and easy way to remove future trash when it really starts to pile up.’
    • ‘‘For the past few weeks we have been watching with renewed interest,’ he says, ‘because the parents are hanging around more and the male is relining the nest with soft, green leafy branches.’’
    • ‘The work will involve cleaning, relining or replacing mains in Bedale, Masham and surrounding villages including Kirklington, Snape, West Tanfield, Pickhill and Patrick Brompton.’
    • ‘‘He picked up the third largest North American producer for little more than what it costs to reline a blast furnace,’ says Plummer.’
    • ‘They were still feeding their fledged young, but in two more days the female had relined the nest and then immediately started laying a second clutch of eggs.’
    • ‘Leaking pipes can be relined with polyester resin fibre rather than replaced, a particularly attractive option if the pipes run under the building.’
    • ‘Management insisted, ‘one or two improvements in the coming years’ would be sufficient to keep the furnace going until 2005, when it would be relined.’
    • ‘We anticipate the work will begin in the autumn and will involve cleaning, relining or renewing certain water mains in the area.’
    • ‘Benneman repolished the veneers, restored the silvered containers for writing materials, repolished the marble top, relined the inside of the drop-front with green Morocco leather, restored the locks and provided a new key.’
    • ‘‘We realised the pond had a leak in it and needed relining,’ Mr Adams said.’
    • ‘It said the work to reline or clean the pipes would inevitably have an impact on the community.’
    1. 1.1 Attach a new backing canvas to (a painting).
      • ‘In the past, the established procedure involved relining a painting, but today, this is frowned on unless absolutely necessary.’
      • ‘The decision having been taken to clean and conserve the painting, it was removed from its frame and stretcher, rolled up, and transported to the conservation studios, where the old lining canvas was removed and the painting relined.’
      • ‘They can also be relined and frames repaired and regilded.’
      • ‘Despite the damage, the painting is on its original stretcher, has not been relined and is probably in its original frame.’