Definition of relativistic in English:



  • 1Physics
    Accurately described only by the theory of relativity.

    • ‘And thus we have the birth of relativistic gravitation theory.’
    • ‘The scientists at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider fired beams of gold nuclei into each other at relativistic speeds, creating a ball of plasma around 300m times hotter than the surface of the sun.’
    • ‘Jammer also accuses Einstein of assuming the expression for the relativistic kinetic energy of a body.’
    • ‘At some point after its formation, the black hole emits a flare of superheated gases, travelling at relativistic speeds.’
    • ‘The program takes into consideration various relativistic effects, such as Lorentz contraction, red/blue Doppler shift, headlight effect and optical aberration.’
  • 2Relating to the doctrine of relativism.

    • ‘But this is a relativistic media judgment on their respective abilities to deliver anything to their constituencies.’
    • ‘One notes here the struggle between a biologically coded, essentialist idea of ethnicity and a relativistic idea that locates ethnic identities in active forms of cultural education.’
    • ‘Historicism has the same relativistic consequences as psychologism.’
    • ‘Leach was more relativistic, and contra Gluckman, did not consider that cultural differences could be subsumed in universalising social theories or unproblematic general categories.’
    • ‘At the other extreme would be the therapeutically neutral therapist who would, in the interest of protecting moral self determination, act as a relativistic bystander to injustice.’
    • ‘And yet, the relativistic position is refuted by spokesmen of those premodern cultures themselves.’
    • ‘He continues, ‘I reject the relativistic way of thinking that maintains that to show images or not to show them amounts to the same thing.’’
    • ‘Many have also argued that the entire classification enterprise is hopelessly relativistic, that mental disorders are wholly determined by cultural and socio-political environments.’
    • ‘If we can put forward relativistic arguments like this against good old-fashioned observation of the world around us, what about the more complicated world of science?’
    • ‘Many people will want to take such a stand, but then they get confused and defeated by the relativistic thought that, even as we say this, it is still just us.’
    • ‘The postmodern, relativistic view is that concepts such as right and wrong are entirely based in culture and have no absolute validity.’
    • ‘This fundamentalist sort of multiculturalism is, after all, not value-based morality but relativistic moralism.’
    • ‘I shall therefore ignore relativistic considerations in the sequel.’
    • ‘But Hinduism displays a special resonance with the relativistic and holistic thought that finds favour among postmodernists.’
    • ‘Our culture is a playful, subjective, reality, that is based on relativistic truths that are not self-evident.’
    • ‘Are they right, or is our view of ourselves just relativistic morality at work?’
    • ‘Below when we discuss determinism in relativistic theories we will revisit this assumption.’
    • ‘Taking morality out of the realm of religion has really helped us agree on universal values and design a set of basic human rights free from the relativistic principles of each faith.’
    • ‘Herbert's depiction of the cultural politics of relativistic thought provides useful insights into the convoluted cultural history of late nineteenth-century science.’
    • ‘Such a relativistic conception will not please the absolute-minded.’