Definition of relative to in English:

relative to


  • 1In comparison with.

    ‘the figures suggest that girls are underachieving relative to boys’
    • ‘Try to get yourself comfortable with their appropriateness, relative to the practical lifespan of the assets being depreciated.’
    • ‘In both cases, participant group youth experience a decrease in use relative to comparison youth of the same gender.’
    • ‘This means that furniture size should be relative to the appropriate space and free of bold patterns.’
    • ‘This measures the comparative advantage of coal relative to other sectors as a percentage of the cost of inputs.’
    • ‘This property comes about because the visual system makes comparisons relative to the putative axis, implying additional processing.’
    • ‘Participating females reported gradual but lasting reductions in their substance use relative to comparison females.’
    • ‘Underfunding in nursing and allied health professions is relative to that in comparable professions and to the size of their workforce.’
    • ‘The data suggested a significant increase in oxygen demand when comparing the overhead exercise relative to the chest exercise.’
    • ‘Rather than comparing a behavior or therapy characteristic to a norm, it is compared for its salience relative to the other items.’
    • ‘All three groups showed impaired performance on the task relative to comparison groups.’
    proportionate, proportional, in proportion, commensurate, corresponding, dependent on, based on
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    1. 1.1 In terms of a connection to.
      ‘some stars appear to change their position relative to each other’
      • ‘The sharpest distinction concerns the standing of the self relative to the group.’
      • ‘This should be done in terms of the company's objectives and its positioning relative to the competition.’
      • ‘The weaponry used also has to be seen in terms relative to the conflict at hand.’
      • ‘Recipes for gunpowder, relative to the proportions in the mixture of its three components, varied over the centuries of its use.’
      • ‘Another priority is the whole area of fixtures, relative to the imbalance between club and county - and pressures on inter-county players.’
      • ‘How one explains a given feature in relation to one sort of consciousness may not correspond with what is needed to explain it relative to another.’
      • ‘You'll also be able to judge how far away or close an enemy is from your position based on the volume of the gunfire and explosions relative to your position.’
      • ‘The combination of abdominal and back muscle contractions varies according to the position of the body relative to gravity.’
      • ‘Yet I am continually puzzled as to how other clubs in the First Division are continuing to not only survive, but employ quality players relative to this level.’
      • ‘Seven focus on pollution and prevention issues and three on wider concerns relative to corporate sustainability.’
      in proportion to, proportional to, commensurate with, in relation to, relative to, corresponding to, dependent on, based on
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  • 2In connection with; concerning.

    ‘if you have any questions relative to payment, please contact us’
    • ‘Last weekend, following the match awards ceremony, a press briefing was held to update the public on matters relative to World Cup 2007.’
    • ‘Even though this is not relative to warfare of today, the absence of ships means that fairer battles are guaranteed with each person having to build tanks and planes.’
    • ‘In the last few years, theoretical concerns relative to variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease caused a similar donor loss.’
    • ‘These data provide additional concerns relative to the growing shortage of faculty.’
    • ‘So no, I don't think we have any concerns relative to that.’
    • ‘We've talked to the other office personnel and at this time, we can't connect any case relative to his disappearance.’
    • ‘He recalls a conversation with him in May, 2001 relative to his concerns about providing for the plaintiff.’
    • ‘It looks like the concern relative to what we talked about last night with some of Rita coming back down doesn't seem to be particularly likely at this point.’
    • ‘The arguments that many have made, relative to the so-called failure to connect the dots, appear to be specious, at best.’
    • ‘I know this is relative to what you're talking about tonight.’