Definition of relative atomic mass in English:

relative atomic mass


  • Another term for atomic mass
    • ‘Deuterium is a stable isotope of hydrogen with a relative atomic mass of 2.014102 compared to the atomic mass of protium, 1.007825.’
    • ‘Avogadro's number is the number of particles present when the amount of material is the same as the atomic weight (or relative molecular mass, or relative atomic mass or weight) expressed in grams.’
    • ‘A scientific conference in 1860 officially adopted a combined form of Dalton's and Avogadro's theories, and soon afterward chemists began creating an accurate compilation of relative atomic masses.’
    • ‘They vary in relative atomic mass from 139 to 175 (lutetium).’
    • ‘It is much more convenient in these cases to use relative atomic masses.’


relative atomic mass

/ˈrɛlədɪv əˈtɑmɪk mæs/