Definition of rejector in US English:



  • See reject

    • ‘Possible outcomes are given for a host adopting either the acceptor or rejector strategy when the parasite is a nonevictor.’
    • ‘Few are conscious and arrogant rejectors of God; instead they tend to be agnostics who feel not a little guilt at using nearby churches for baptisms, weddings and funerals but nought else.’
    • ‘If one endorses the alliance but the other rejects it, the rejector gains the advantage by sacrificing the other on the ‘altar of expediency’.’
    • ‘I find another magazine to send the idea to and put the rejector on my list for coming up with new ideas.’
    • ‘The crashing realisation of abandonment, unsatisfied dependency needs - be it material, emotional or spiritual - anger at the rejector, and desire to inflict damage commensurate with the suffering, creates the desire for revenge.’