Definition of rejectionist in US English:



  • A person who rejects a proposed policy, in particular a supporter of Palestinian independence who rejects the possibility of a negotiated peace with Israel.

    ‘the rejectionists want the agreement to fail at all costs’
    • ‘It was a speech of encouragement to the rejectionists on both sides.’
    • ‘The lack of progress has hardened feelings of embitterment and emboldened hard-line rejectionists on both sides of the divide.’
    • ‘All seek a modus vivendi as a means of diluting extremist attitudes on both sides and isolating the rejectionists in their own communities.’
    • ‘The moderates so often seem to be swept away by the extremists and rejectionists.’
    • ‘These republican rejectionists may commit violent crimes, which unionist rejectionists will seize on to delay political progress.’
    • ‘Clearly, she is a seasoned rejectionist - her icy delivery is impeccable.’
    • ‘Without a vision of what a final settlement would entail, however, Oslo merely gave rejectionists on both sides time to mobilize.’
    • ‘But there are rejectionists out there who will continue the violence.’
    • ‘We need creative builders, not mere reformers or rejectionists, in order to build something new.’
    • ‘The high proportion of young voters among the rejectionists was particularly notable: it looks as if the EU is in danger of losing its future constituency.’
    • ‘Rejectionists on both sides will of course attack any such settlement.’
    • ‘The demographic argument is a favorite of clever rejectionists.’
    opposer, objector, dissident, dissenter
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  • Rejecting a proposed policy.

    ‘rejectionist groups’
    ‘a rejectionist agenda’
    • ‘Most likely, however, Britain would be joined in a rejectionist lobby by several other states not belonging to the original, core European community of France, Germany, Italy and Benelux.’
    • ‘With the rejectionist hawks in control, the peace process would be effectively dead.’
    • ‘"These attacks, whether by rejectionist loyalists or dissident republicans, are attacks on the peace process and must be condemned in the most forthright and unequivocal terms."’
    • ‘The consequences - from high unemployment to weak economic growth - are now all too evident in the largest countries such as France and Germany and are the cause of the increasingly rejectionist stance being taken by their electorates.’
    • ‘By the late 1960s this rejectionist position began gradually giving way to a willingness to consider a two-state diplomatic solution with Israel.’
    • ‘Some of my Israeli friends will take this as regrettable evidence that the Palestinians are inherently rejectionist.’
    • ‘Rejectionist politicians argued Greek Cypriots would receive a full restoration of property lost in 1974 if they just "hung tough."’
    • ‘Significant proportions of the Israeli and Palestinian populations support this plan even though the government and Palestinian rejectionist organizations strongly oppose it.’
    • ‘A rejectionist stance won't work.’
    • ‘It is also worth noting that the government has reached out intermittently to the rejectionist opposition.’