Definition of reissue in English:



  • Make a new supply or different form of (a product, especially a book or record) available for sale.

    ‘the book was reissued with a new epilogue’
    • ‘Staying on a religious note, the priests of the parish have just reissued their respective telephone numbers.’
    • ‘The committee reported early in 1917, and its reports have been reissued in these two paperbacks.’
    • ‘When it came to reissuing them, it was very easy for the ticket offices to do so.’
    • ‘That is true for every release that has been reissued.’
    • ‘When you were writing this book, did you think it would be reissued 30 years later?’
    • ‘But do they really need to be reissued to begin with?’
    • ‘There is also - and here the 22 reissued CDs provide a powerful reminder - a pervasive sense of shoddiness clinging to their early output.’
    • ‘We are now reissuing the notice to the correct family member.’
    • ‘The local government stated they would not consider reissuing the permits for another three weeks, knowing that the finances of the film could not maintain an idle production for that long.’
    • ‘Still, the hardback was never reissued, and no paperback has appeared.’
    • ‘In 1809 Beckford showed his approbation or his laziness by reissuing Henley's translation, with many corrections under his own name.’
    • ‘That book has been reissued with a new afterward by Carol.’
    • ‘Inquiries regarding the basic ingredients of the meat paste were not addressed directly, rather the previous comment was reissued.’
    • ‘This edition was reissued in ten volumes in 1773, and again in 1778-80, and 1785.’
    • ‘Andrea, so will the State Department be reissuing those warnings to folks there to leave if they're not essential?’
    • ‘The book became such a success in America that it has had to be reissued by another publisher.’
    • ‘The problem with reissuing video games is that they rarely stack up to your memories of them.’
    • ‘Alerts were also reissued, Lou, for six other individuals.’
    • ‘When the book was first written, and when it was reissued, it did not have the Canberra bushfires to draw on as they had not yet happened.’
    • ‘The department has reissued warnings to people travelling to affected countries.’


  • A new issue of a product.

    • ‘The disappointing news about the police check and the reissue of his license to practise came out on Friday.’
    • ‘As for recommendations outside of the reissues, there are a couple of new guys who are real good.’
    • ‘While the charter served a treaty-like function during the baronial wars, its reissue in time of peace established it as a basis of government.’
    • ‘The reissue was produced for compact disc by Bob Irwin.’
    • ‘Here's to reissues of ‘classic ‘albums nobody heard the first time around.’’
    • ‘As his recorded legacy is rather sparse for a man of his large talents, I was elated to come across these two reissues.’
    • ‘The reissue of this meticulously edited two-volume collection (first published in 1986 and 1988) offers another chance to see what he made.’
    • ‘In line with this process, 19 out of 31 securities issued during 2002-03 were reissues.’
    • ‘The disc of reissues contains almost as many worthwhile pieces as the newcomer.’
    • ‘With estate problems, and patchy CD reissues, not to mention the sheer scale of the catalogue, it's not easy to catch up with more than the general idea, even if you have the patience for mail order.’
    • ‘But regardless, these reissues are welcome news for sunshine pop fetishists and casual fans of 60s pop alike.’
    • ‘Superior playing from all involved makes this a reissue to own.’
    • ‘With the recent death of Belgian pianist, composer and arranger Boland, these two wonderful big band reissues are worth checking out.’
    • ‘With CD reissues, you've got the freedom to indulge yourself in areas that would have previously been seen as off-limits.’
    • ‘Featured in this guide are some of the hot collections released in time for the season, plus a look at the few other outstanding releases, from catalogue reissues to DVDs.’
    • ‘When it comes to reissues and best-ofs, it's all about how much bang you get for your buck.’
    • ‘For example, when I was young I used to buy records - and then CDs came along, and the whole concept of reissues.’
    • ‘Even the reissues don't prepare you for the sound.’
    • ‘Established labels, archives and scholarly associations are discouraged from producing reissues of historic material for fear of legal problems.’
    • ‘Some of these initial reissues have been on CD before, but I think others are new to the medium.’