Definition of reinvestigate in US English:



[with object]
  • Investigate (a matter) again.

    ‘detectives made the decision to reinvestigate the case’
    • ‘But the latest government moves to reinvestigate the pros and cons of fluoridating water have galvanised the group into new action.’
    • ‘Well they certainly have the power to reinvestigate the grant of the permanent residency.’
    • ‘Last summer, I joined two archaeologists who, along with a band of friends and volunteers, set about restoring and reinvestigating this special place.’
    • ‘Kim promised in the May summit to reinvestigate the whereabouts of the 10 missing Japanese.’
    • ‘To fail to do so would simply be to leave the door open to reinvestigating claims relating to treaty principles.’
    • ‘The Marines say they spent almost a year reinvestigating the cases of these 11 Marines.’
    • ‘After the police reinvestigated it, they wanted it closed.’
    • ‘The central issue I am trying to draw attention to is this - we need to reinvestigate our beliefs.’
    • ‘Police may now reinvestigate her unsolved murder.’
    • ‘To test for an independent relationship between snoring frequency and poor academic performance, this association was reinvestigated in a subgroup of children without desaturation events.’
    • ‘At some periods acquittals were so rare that the legal profession regarded them as failures that had to be reinvestigated.’
    • ‘Dozens of unsolved murders and rapes are to be reinvestigated following new advances in DNA technology, scientists announced yesterday.’
    • ‘Pyongyang promised to reinvestigate the whereabouts of the 10 from scratch during summit talks in May in Pyongyang.’
    • ‘When they call for new investigation, they will be reinvestigated, too.’
    • ‘He replied that I should have the matter reinvestigated.’
    • ‘Authorities who ruled it a suicide are now reinvestigating.’
    • ‘This phylogenetic hypothesis had been held valid until it was recently reinvestigated.’
    • ‘A special cold case squad will reinvestigate some of the infamous Atlanta child murders.’
    • ‘Somehow I had to find time to reinvestigate the scientific evidence for evolution.’
    • ‘Half a year later, the patients were reinvestigated.’