Definition of reinvest in US English:



[with object]
  • Put (the profit on a previous investment) back into the same place.

    ‘the enterprise had been expanded by reinvesting profits’
    • ‘Many companies and investors favor using spare corporate cash for stock buybacks or to reinvest profits instead of paying dividends.’
    • ‘Even investors who reinvested their dividend income would have recorded a loss of almost 13% over the same period.’
    • ‘Like a real foundation, your money is invested, and the returns on those investments are reinvested and further enlarge your fund for giving.’
    • ‘We reinvest the profits back into the company and that negates the need to seek further external funding.’
    • ‘Assume that you reinvest your dividends and capital gains payouts in shares of the fund.’
    • ‘Also, reinvest your profits to grow the business.’
    • ‘Investors should keep track of distributions made by their mutual funds that are reinvested.’
    • ‘If you invest now and reinvest your dividends until you retire, you can get a huge return on your initial investment.’
    • ‘First and foremost is the acceptance of money on deposit from customers for the purpose of making a profit by reinvesting it.’
    • ‘The Treasury said it would take into account these sorts of concerns, suggesting it would reward companies who reinvested their profits into their businesses.’
    • ‘Most of our supermarkets are adventurous about wine, and existing hotels, bars, wine bars and wine shops are reinvesting their profits into luxurious and thoughtful re-workings of their existing shops.’
    • ‘Personally, I am not too thrilled by either because I'd much rather a company reinvested its profits into more successful ventures.’
    • ‘As these assets generate profits, and as the profits are reinvested in additional assets, you see a return in the form of increased share value as stock prices rise.’
    • ‘The family has made a concerted effort to reinvest profits in the hotel and has tried to introduce a new feature each year.’
    • ‘I want to grow the business, but I can't unless we start reinvesting our profits.’
    • ‘If a company is paying the majority of its earnings out in dividends, smaller amounts of profits are able to be reinvested to make higher profits.’
    • ‘Confronted with the choice of a cash dividend up-front or a chance at bigger gains later, investors are deciding they will do better with companies trying to boost their shares by reinvesting their profits.’
    • ‘If a trader, therefore, has alternative or multiple income streams, they may be better off to incorporate their business as a company and reinvest the profits back into it.’
    • ‘There's no point in companies reinvesting their profits in ‘risky’ business projects when the same return is available risk-free elsewhere.’
    • ‘They may generate financial support by retaining profits and reinvesting them in organizational improvements.’