Definition of reintegration in US English:



  • 1The action or process of integrating someone back into society.

    ‘soldiers are beginning the process of reintegration into civil society’
    • ‘Pupil Referral units are to assist in the reintegration of excluded pupils back into mainstream schooling.’
    • ‘Another problem is the reintegration of students who have studied overseas.’
    • ‘She completed her doctorate on the reintegration of demobilized soldiers in Mozambique.’
    • ‘Interventions that target specific aspects of disability assist the child's reintegration into the school environment.’
    • ‘Numerous community organizations work tirelessly to support the reintegration of people with mental illnesses into our communities.’
    • ‘The reintegration of veterans into peacetime society is also important.’
    • ‘A mechanism for reintegration was in place in the form of court-ordered probation.’
    • ‘Political unification without social reintegration is likely to cause severe conflicts.’
    • ‘Support will also increase the chance of successful reintegration into the organisation on repatriation.’
    • ‘There is inadequate government support for their reintegration back into the country.’
    1. 1.1 The action or process of restoring elements regarded as disparate to unity.
      ‘the reintegration of art into everyday life’
      • ‘The music behind this story exudes an ethos of musical synthesis and reintegration.’
      • ‘The meaning of the past changes as different individuals and groups are confronted with new situations that demand a temporal reintegration of experience.’
      • ‘He reported on the reintegration of the region into the West European economy.’
      • ‘From 1936 onwards there was a steady reintegration of Irish agriculture into the British market.’
      • ‘Reintegration with the cityscape would rely on attractive differences rather than soft-edged harmony.’
      • ‘Aztec art, with its themes of dismemberment and reintegration, was the inspiration for the fiction of magical realism.’
      • ‘Blake's views on psychic reintegration, heaven and hell, and the transformative power of verse fascinated him.’
      • ‘The image suggests a sardonic reintegration of the natural and human worlds.’
      • ‘The last phase is marked by rapid reintegration of the personality and is often accompanied by amnesia.’
      • ‘She wants an ongoing reintegration of humanistic folk and religious values with democratic ideals.’