Definition of reinstatement in US English:



  • 1The action of giving someone back a position they have lost.

    ‘the student body gave its support to the two expelled students and demanded their reinstatement’
    • ‘Depending on the nature of the claim, she can request substantial money damages and reimbursement of her attorneys fees in addition to back pay and reinstatement.’
    • ‘She was awarded temporary reinstatement on full salary, pending the final arbitration report.’
    • ‘Even an online petition of more then 50,000 signatures demanding his reinstatement failed to persuade the producers to change their minds.’
    • ‘At the end of April, a demonstration organized by the soldiers to demand reinstatement turned violent.’
    • ‘Workers illegally fired for union activity have no right to reinstatement.’
    • ‘Some 35,000 employees struck to demand the reinstatement of a suspended superintendent and two senior assistants.’
    • ‘He admitted his mistake and sought to do whatever NASCAR required for reinstatement.’
    • ‘They did that six weeks ago and won reinstatement for two sacked fitters in the test area.’
    • ‘Specialists advised the General Medical Committee that, with appropriate drug treatment, control of symptoms should permit her reinstatement to the register.’
    • ‘Some 1,400 printing workers at the State Printing Corporation of Sri Lanka went on strike on August 27 to demand reinstatement of a company storekeeper.’
    • ‘The relief available to a tenured teacher whose termination is reversed on appeal is limited to back pay and reinstatement.’
    • ‘First we begin in South Africa, where the health minister finds himself under fire as AIDS activists demand the reinstatement of a former deputy.’
    • ‘The management has so far refused to negotiate on the reinstatements and has opposed the pay demand.’
    • ‘He also said a petition was circulated calling for the reinstatement of an officer sacked for using racist language.’
    • ‘The committee has received 14,000 applications from former Baathists asking for either reinstatement or for pensions, he said.’
    • ‘A union meeting on Tuesday called for official action to win his reinstatement.’
    • ‘While an indefinite strike forced reinstatement of the six workers the April salaries remain unpaid.’
    • ‘This follows the reinstatement of two workers in east London.’
    • ‘In 14 of these cases the applicants complained about various public decisions regarding their positions such as promotion, job assignments or reinstatements.’
    • ‘Workers from Metro Shelving in the Sydney suburb of Revesby began picketing the plant this week to demand reinstatement.’
    restoration, return to a former position, return to power, bringing back, reinstitution, reinstallation, rehabilitation, re-establishment
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    1. 1.1 The restoration of something such as a law or custom.
      ‘others have demanded the reinstatement of the death penalty’
      • ‘What if there were a reinstatement of the draft and you were called up?’
      • ‘The reinstatement of the ban generated concerns from consumer groups that the government should not have lifted the ban on US beef imports in April.’
      • ‘It is the reinstatement of the English department in Africa, albeit on a far smaller scale.’
      • ‘An example of this reinstatement is that business people use applied astrology to assess market trends.’
      • ‘Providers, suppliers, and manufacturers need to pay special attention to code revisions, additions and deletions, and reinstatement of some previously deleted codes.’
      • ‘They demand reinstatement of the dissolved parliament and return to appointing prime ministers on the recommendation of the House.’
      • ‘If the value of the reinstatement or rebuilding exceeds the value of cover, recompense may be limited to value of the lesser.’
      • ‘The unanimous resolution backing the reinstatement of weapons inspectors in November 2002 reinforced the idea that the United States could bring the world around to even highly controversial positions.’
      • ‘Since the reinstatement of capital punishment in 1976, seven states have executed a combined twenty-two juvenile offenders nationwide.’
      • ‘Full review criminals, has brought to life the age old debate as to the reinstatement to the statue books of the Death Penalty in the UK.’
      • ‘Since reinstatement in 1976, three inmates have been executed on the same day approximately nine times.’
      • ‘The former welcome it as a reinstatement of national sovereignty.’
      • ‘The decision meant the reinstatement of charges against 140 non-natives accused of illegally hooking salmon during one of numerous protest fisheries by non-natives over the years.’
      • ‘State politicians whipped up a further frenzy by calling for reinstatement of the death penalty.’
      • ‘One of the great unmentionables in the current election campaign is the reinstatement of conscription.’
      • ‘The defendant eventually paid off his fines and in fact had secured reinstatement of his driver's license on the very day previous to the date of the accident.’
      • ‘But, neither their successful reinstatement of the Patriarchal office nor the restoration of the ecclesiastical character of the Synod proved lasting.’
      • ‘I oppose the reinstatement of the death penalty with every fibre of my being.’
      • ‘Children are more likely to report anger when they have appraised both the presence of an aversive outcome and the possibility of goal reinstatement.’
      • ‘And it is obvious that this will prevent any future reinstatement of the line.’