Definition of reinfect in English:



[WITH OBJECT]usually be reinfected
  • Cause to become infected again.

    • ‘To remove the worm, a system administrator had to run a program that erased the malicious code; then, the administrator had to patch the vulnerability so that the computer would not get reinfected.’
    • ‘As with the women, however, the fear of becoming reinfected and compromising their health as well as the fear of infecting others were commonly cited explanations for celibacy.’
    • ‘We have to divert resources from endemic areas to reinfected areas.’
    • ‘You can prevent your child from becoming reinfected by deworming your pets and by keeping your child away from areas where pets defecate.’
    • ‘However, the worm is so widespread and efficient that a vulnerable machine will be reinfected within minutes if it's not protected.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, in Africa the disease is so widely prevalent that kids keep being reinfected every time they go into fresh water and that's what causes this large burden of disease that they carry.’
    • ‘Patients with primary infection tend to be clinically ‘sicker’ than those who are reinfected.’
    • ‘But I am a little concerned by the fact that the children get reinfected after already having the cold once.’
    • ‘Actually, the virus never left; it was in your body and reinfects the new liver.’
    • ‘Indeed, a child growing up in an endemic community can expect be infected soon after weaning, and to be infected and constantly reinfected for the rest of her or his life.’
    • ‘I offer pain medication and antibiotics, but it's a temporary fix because their drinking water will simply reinfect them.’
    • ‘A person can be reinfected after drug treatment if they swallow more worm eggs, so it is important to maintain high levels of hygiene.’
    • ‘However, patients who have had a previous infection may exhibit symptoms in a matter of days if they are reinfected.’
    • ‘Children may in turn be reinfected with different strains of the virus.’
    • ‘Could someone already infected with HIV get reinfected with a different strain that would make treatment more difficult?’
    • ‘Each pustule daily produces about 1000 spores, each of which is capable of reinfecting wheat.’
    • ‘‘African countries have worked rapidly and effectively to eradicate polio; now the tragedy is that many of them are becoming reinfected,’ Dr Heymann said.’
    • ‘Some anti-virus programs remove the main parts of the most widespread variants, but leave traces behind, sometimes allowing them to restore themselves and reinfect a system.’