Definition of reincorporation in US English:



  • See reincorporate

    • ‘Proponents argued that reincorporation would make the company's officers and directors more accountable.’
    • ‘He led his country from the defeat of communism in 1989, to its first free elections in 1990, to its economic revival, and to its reincorporation into the international community - into NATO and soon the EU.’
    • ‘The reincorporation of the South into mainstream American culture is making us a bit more Southern.’
    • ‘The union has filed a brief supporting an August 2002 shareholders class-action suit against the company; the suit is seeking an injunction to stop reincorporation and damages for breach of ‘loyalty, care and candor.’’
    • ‘The reincorporation puts us in an even better position to do what we do best - deliver quality news and entertainment to millions of people around the world every day of the year.’