Definition of reincarnate in US English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /ˌriɪnˈkɑrˌneɪt//ˌrēinˈkärˌnāt/
  • 1(as believed in some religions and philosophies) cause (someone) to undergo rebirth in another body.

    ‘a man may be reincarnated in animal form’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong though, my family aren't reincarnated evil spirits or anything, we attend the church services every Sunday and all that other stuff.’
    • ‘One day, I'll be reincarnated, just like our faith says, and family members are usually reincarnated together, so I can promise that I'll meet you again someday, okay?’
    • ‘Then he would join his brother at rest, uttering a final prayer that when they were reincarnated, that they would be allowed to be together again.’
    • ‘When one Dalai Lama dies, it is believed that he is then reincarnated, and it is the duty of the monks to search out his spirit in a newborn child.’
    • ‘Shhh… We'll get reincarnated and then one day we'll meet and we'll fall in love all over again.’
    • ‘Only those people who are reincarnated members of the royal family and their protectors are feeling this pain,’ he told her.’
    • ‘I would like two lives and for my family to be reincarnated also and the people who are so helpful and supportive to me.’
    • ‘And if I am reincarnated as a chef, I would hope I would make a better fist of the whole-wheat noodles, which were an overcooked, gelatinous mess.’
    • ‘On death, the life force is reincarnated into another earthly existence, but the spirit remains in the other world.’
    • ‘At death our aerial body would pass into an invisible world where it would pay for its sins through pain and then be reincarnated.’
    • ‘After three days of life, a shaman evokes a soul to be reincarnated in the baby's body.’
    • ‘But, if your soul were to leave you, that power would be reincarnated into its next human heir.’
    • ‘In traditional belief, the ancestors reside in the sky or underground, from where they may be reincarnated in human or animal form.’
    • ‘When we die, we're reborn - reincarnated, in another body.’
    • ‘The basic idea is that one's soul can be reincarnated for an unknown number of rebirths and that what the soul is to be reincarnated into depends on the balance of one's sins and good deeds in past lives.’
    • ‘After the spirit was released, it would be reincarnated as a fighter in the next life.’
    • ‘This system embraces the belief that the spirit of some humans is, after death, reincarnated within the body of another living person of similar age and probably of the same sex as the deceased.’
    • ‘The death of any kinsman or woman from any cause might give rise to the hope of their spirit being reincarnated.’
    • ‘However, the mighty barbarian is deemed unworthy to enter Paradise by the Ancestors and is reincarnated in order to redeem himself.’
    1. 1.1no object (of a person) be reborn in another body.
      ‘they were afraid she would reincarnate as a vampire’
      • ‘He had the understanding, though, that each soul reincarnates until it becomes completely pure, and that each soul finds its own level, designated by reactions to its actions in this and previous lives.’
      • ‘She also tells the astonished projectionist that they have reincarnated together many times throughout the centuries in different roles.’
      • ‘Perhaps she was a Goddess, maybe she was Venus herself reincarnated.’
      • ‘If the soul must learn more, it reincarnates into a new body, and a new lesson is introduced.’
      • ‘Judaism also believes, as Hindus do, that an old soul can choose to reincarnate in a body well after birth, in someone who is say 15 or 22 years old, this is known as ibbur.’
      • ‘Alternatively, I may have been there as a flower at the foot of the cross and then later as one of the great saints of the early church - reincarnating up till my current life.’
      • ‘I discovered, however, that they reincarnate into another body when killed.’
      • ‘But Sarah and her mother believe that Melissa is her grandmother reincarnated.’
      • ‘By following Hinduism they should be able to lead a very good life, so that when they reincarnate, they get a good birth to continue their spiritual education.’


Pronunciation /riɪnˈkɑrnət//rēinˈkärnət/
  • usually postpositive Reborn in another body.

    ‘he claims that the girl is his dead daughter reincarnate’
    • ‘In the sixteenth century, the French connection was receding into England's past, but not in the imagination and ambition of Henry VIII, who tried to be Henry V reincarnate.’
    • ‘She, and she alone, has the power to start and stop the wars, for she is the Oracle reincarnate and she will deliver justice to the world.’
    • ‘Jack's not too bothered, though, as he's now convinced he is Bill Clinton reincarnate.’
    • ‘We are all quite aware that he is a witch-burner reincarnate come to re-enact all the painful past.’
    • ‘His oldest son is quite mad, believing that he is Jesus Christ reincarnate.’
    • ‘I believed that I was Jesus Christ reincarnate back to do a job for the planet.’
    • ‘And anyway, you carry the spirit reincarnate of the Lord of Stone.’