Definition of reign of terror in US English:

reign of terror


  • A period of remorseless repression or bloodshed, in particular (Reign of Terror) the period of the Terror during the French Revolution.

    • ‘As anyone who reads local papers will know, yobs are the cause of most of the evil in society, with their reigns of terror on housing estates and their graffiti spraying upstairs on buses.’
    • ‘TWO sisters have been banned from a total of 40 shops and off-licences in Basingstoke after subjecting local people to a reign of terror.’
    • ‘The making of French films during this period endeavoured to create breathing space for those who were forced to flee the reign of terror.’
    • ‘Residents are campaigning to close a playground, claiming gangs of youths who gather are subjecting them to a reign of terror.’
    • ‘They added that the security forces personnel posted in these areas have unleashed a reign of terror which has made their life miserable.’
    • ‘A teenage tearaway who imposed a four-year reign of terror over Chessington shopkeepers has been banned from entering Hook Parade or Kingston town centre.’
    • ‘It noted that the defendants lived in a reign of terror.’
    • ‘During his reign of terror, Wright threatened residents and council staff, often using racial abuse.’
    • ‘We do start at the end of the reign of terror of the Vikings.’
    • ‘Later, she was found battered and sobbing by a policeman in the village telephone kiosk, and her complaint brought to an end his sordid reign of terror.’
    • ‘A gang of five young men carried out a reign of terror on a Sheffield estate until it was finally brought to an end earlier this year.’
    • ‘Children as young as six have been carrying out a reign of terror on residents and a care home.’
    • ‘Labeling minor infractions serious crimes, some established, in effect, a reign of terror.’
    • ‘He became a dictator, enforcing a reign of terror with his secret police, sometimes referred to as tonton macoute.’
    • ‘The Nigerian state responded by imposing a reign of terror.’
    • ‘The gang's response has been to launch a reign of terror.’
    • ‘The first well-known victims of the reign of terror, however, came from the other end of the political spectrum.’
    • ‘Three village post offices and four pubs were hit by the robbers in a reign of terror which netted them more than £100,000.’


reign of terror

/reɪn əv/