Definition of rehydrate in US English:



  • Absorb or cause to absorb moisture after dehydration.

    with object ‘the slides were rehydrated in water’
    • ‘Infants and small children should never be rehydrated with water alone because it does not contain adequate amounts of sodium, potassium, and other important nutrients.’
    • ‘Ryan says that until you replenish the sodium and chloride electrolytes (aka salt) lost through sweat, your body can't rehydrate properly, and liquids quickly exit in the form of urine.’
    • ‘Lee had to spend almost two hours on a drip to rehydrate him after a round of golf a few years back.’
    • ‘After games he would drink just water to rehydrate himself before we had even heard of doing that.’
    • ‘‘Isotonic and high-energy drinks will help people rehydrate in hot climates,’ the spokesman said.’
    • ‘About 80 percent of the test slides were rehydrated.’
    • ‘A regular deep conditioning treatment can also help rehydrate dry hair.’
    • ‘Drinking at least two litres of water a day will rehydrate your skin.’
    • ‘Also, drink plenty of water to rehydrate your entire body.’
    • ‘If bulbs are shriveling, sprinkle on a little water to rehydrate.’
    • ‘Tea was drunk to rehydrate the body, which lost moisture in the thin, dry air.’
    • ‘Survival after dehydration was improved by rehydrating the dry seeds at elevated temperatures of around 35°C.’
    • ‘Because alcohol dehydrates the body, you should drink plenty of water at parties and have a glass by your bed, to drink overnight and help rehydrate when you wake up.’
    • ‘While you are working in air-conditioned places, water helps to rehydrate your skin.’
    • ‘Freeze-dried food can be eaten as it is, or rehydrated with hot or cold water.’
    • ‘Concentrate on formulas that are moisturizing, nourishing and rehydrating.’
    • ‘It's impossible to stay fully hydrated while actually climbing, so rehydrating at the end of the day or during breaks between hard effort is essential.’
    • ‘Extra equipment will be brought in so drunks can be rehydrated, sobered up and discharged.’
    • ‘If you're running for more than 20 minutes, bring a water bottle and rehydrate during your workout as well as afterward.’
    • ‘These food, medicine and drink powder rations can be safely rehydrated with even dirty water.’