Definition of rehome in US English:



[with object]
  • Find a new home for (a pet)

    ‘every stray animal is neutered before being rehomed’
    • ‘But the Cats Protection League, who inherited the house decide that the cats would be rehomed and Mr Simpson has to move on.’
    • ‘If 3,000 of the dogs are found new homes this year, it will add to the 10,000 greyhounds that have been rehomed in the past five years.’
    • ‘Most are rehomed but if no home can be found and there is nowhere else for the dogs to go, some have to be put down.’
    • ‘Four cats were reclaimed, 406 cats were rehomed and 18 were euthanised.’
    • ‘Bats, owls, grass snakes and lizards should be rehomed before developers can move on to a site in Pewsey, district council officers say.’
    • ‘Illegally rehoming the dog would, as you realise, leave you in a vulnerable position.’
    • ‘The dogs' home relies on public donations to carry on its vital work of caring for and rehoming lost and abandoned dogs, so if you cannot rehome a dog, please help us to continue to care for them by sending a donation.’
    • ‘AN 82-year-old Leyland woman is still leading the way for her four legged friends, 25 years after she set up a charity to rehome boxer dogs.’
    • ‘Cassie has now recovered from her ordeal and been rehomed.’
    • ‘The only large animal that the Petries hope to move with them is Cindy, their 20-year-old hand-reared lioness, who cannot be rehomed because of her great age.’
    • ‘Tatum had previously tried to rehome the dog but after finding no takers decided to improve security at the house so she was unable to escape.’
    • ‘Rabbits are social animals and we want to rehome them in pairs.’
    • ‘The dogs can now be rehomed and enjoy the rest of their lives in loving homes.’
    • ‘Thanks to the support of the public we are able to care for 11,500 stray and abandoned dogs through our network of 15 rehoming centres around the country.’
    • ‘The promotional leaflet which was distributed last year proved successful with many cats being rehomed throughout the year.’
    • ‘Laurence has launched a desperate search to rehome his pet dog - so he can start a new life Down Under.’
    • ‘He is one of the lucky ones that will hopefully be rehomed.’
    • ‘Two chimps are going to a private sanctuary near Swansea and a number of big cats including lynx, plus larger monkeys will be rehomed on Armathwaite Hall Estate in Cumbria.’
    • ‘Cats are looked after at volunteers' homes until they can be rehomed.’
    • ‘This pup has been rehomed once but was returned for being destructive.’