Definition of rehang in US English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /rēˈhaNG/
  • Hang (something) again or differently.

    • ‘Bush and Berry, an expert company from Bristol, was brought in to rehang the paintings once restoration was complete.’
    • ‘Watching the paintings being rehung yesterday he said: ‘It is wonderful, it is quite, quite wonderful to see them back here at Tate Britain.’’
    • ‘The most visible departure was a decision not to rehang the black shutters that had decorated the exterior.’
    • ‘Hopkins uses the artists who she represents in her gallery and rehangs Gleason's ‘gallery’ about every three months.’
    • ‘I have been able to use the proceeds of the attic sale to fund the restoration of Sir Robert's collection of Italian 17th century pictures which have been rehung in the Gallery this spring.’
    • ‘The eight bells need to be rehung in a new frame and the organ requires a substantial overhaul.’
    • ‘Often, we may have to rehang a whole grouping to maintain the strength of that artist's work, or to keep the flow from one artist to another.’
    • ‘Even the sliding panels along the main storage wall are old doors that have been rehung.’
    • ‘The cemetery gates have been repaired but as yet not rehung.’
    • ‘Anyway, all went well until the gate was rehung only to find that it's twin, which should have joined neatly in the middle, had been hung out of alignment years before and now they just weren't closing together.’
    • ‘Doors may have faulty knobs or need to be rehung.’
    • ‘The bells were increased in number and rehung with new fittings in the 1930s in an old timber bellframe with a new metal frame above it to house two of the bells.’
    • ‘His neighbor, a cabinetmaker, helped him rehang the sign outside, but he had no money to have the board over the front window replaced with glass, so the interior of the shop was gloomier than usual.’
    • ‘So, now, I've furiously cleaned and rearranged furniture and rehung pictures.’


Pronunciation /ˈrēhaNG/
  • An act of rehanging works of art in a gallery.

    • ‘Over 40% of the works in the rehang will not have been shown at the gallery.’
    • ‘Their arrival coincides, moreover, with the gallery's announcement that it has purchased 30 Guerrilla Girls works and plans to include them in the rehang of its collection next May.’
    • ‘The world's most popular modern art gallery has recently undergone a rehang giving the opportunity to enjoy even more striking modern art.’
    • ‘If a museum is as empty as it was when I trotted around it last week to examine the latest rehang of the collection, then something is going badly wrong.’
    • ‘The gallery is in the final stages of a rehang of its entire collection’