Definition of rehabilitation in US English:



  • 1The action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness.

    ‘she underwent rehabilitation and was walking within three weeks’
    • ‘She prepped for the movie by visiting ex-addicts at a rehabilitation center.’
    • ‘I spent time with them during my rehabilitation.’
    • ‘Housing must provide much more than shelter for low-income individuals undergoing substance abuse rehabilitation.’
    • ‘She has moved to New York to live with her uncle Eddie after a period in a rehabilitation center out west.’
    • ‘I absolutely agree that a prison should be designed to support a programme of learning and rehabilitation.’
    • ‘He tells of raising four siblings alone while his mother took drug rehabilitation.’
    • ‘Even after several court ordered attempts at rehabilitation, she is still a slave to substance abuse.’
    • ‘The horses were representative of cases presented to humane officers for rehabilitation.’
    • ‘He spends his eight weeks of rehabilitation watching the lives across the courtyard behind his Greenwich Village apartment.’
    • ‘There begins his slow and agonising rehabilitation, after being paralysed in a car accident.’
    1. 1.1 The action of restoring someone to former privileges or reputation after a period of disfavor.
      ‘a posthumous rehabilitation of the activist’
      • ‘Various aspects of the knotty problem of physical and moral rehabilitation of Germany and the German people are touched upon.’
      • ‘He was an early champion of the artist's critical rehabilitation.’
      • ‘Beware: there is at least one last attempt at Southern rehabilitation amongst the extra material.’
      • ‘The rehabilitation of the actor is complete.’
      • ‘Despite the rehabilitation of such major Victorian painters as Rossetti and Burne-Jones, Watts has not yet made it back into the Victorian pantheon.’
      • ‘This could be the year known for the rehabilitation of this almost forgotten actor.’
      • ‘His effort appears to have been geared more toward ancestral rehabilitation than ancestral glorification.’
      • ‘The West denounced the East as a desert of slab blocks, shabby, inferior and authoritarian, and feared a 'rehabilitation' of the rigorous social agenda.’
      • ‘His dramatic rehabilitation since then has not always been smooth, and in particular it is the evaluation of his early work that has been a roller-coaster.’
      • ‘Even with the rehabilitation of medieval art, works categorized by today's scholarship as "late medieval" were frequently denigrated.’
    2. 1.2 The action of restoring something that has been damaged to its former condition.
      ‘the rehabilitation of the mangrove forests’
      • ‘The costs of aquifer rehabilitation, air pollution reduction, and land degradation will haunt future generations.’
      • ‘The 1925 art deco-style building in Baltimore, Maryland has just undergone a rehabilitation.’
      • ‘Aggressive historic preservation efforts have encouraged 249 downtown property rehabilitation projects.’
      • ‘Once owners complete rehabilitation work, they submit an application for certification of the work.’
      • ‘It has a programme for rehabilitation of the old city.’
      • ‘The rehabilitation of the gaunt, semi-industrial architecture of this a Grade II listed building has led to some problems.’
      • ‘He hopes to receive a state grant to assist with the rehabilitation work.’
      • ‘An emergency rehabilitation team is working to revegetate some of the 1.6 million western acres that burned last summer.’
      • ‘She works in wildlife rehabilitation, caring for animals that have been run over in the road or abandoned.’
      • ‘The bridge requires immediate rehabilitation to remain open.’