Definition of regulator in US English:



  • 1A person or thing that regulates something.

    • ‘A main engine pneumatic regulator functional test, which checks the redundancy of individual regulators, was not verified under flow conditions.’
    • ‘In the aftermath, regulators required plant operators to devise evacuation plans in coordination with state and local governments.’
    • ‘State regulators have begun removing hog farms located in flood plains.’
    • ‘There is at least a glimmer of hope that bank regulators have learned something from the track record of past regulatory attempts.’
    • ‘The Darby Mine has been cited 10 times in the last month by federal regulators.’
    • ‘Despite applying to my old friends at the national telecommunications regulator for an explanation of these terms, I am still none the wiser.’
    • ‘The food companies armed with their scientific studies can't understand the caution of the regulators.’
    • ‘Still, of course, the regulators, the compliance people, will be reporting to the CEO, which could be him.’
    • ‘Modern, high-performance regulators can deliver massive airflows with little effort.’
    • ‘The regulator stressed the importance of broadcasters being able to challenge orthodoxies.’
    • ‘Almost uniquely, our regulatory system for banks relies on overseas regulators.’
    • ‘If we had a business continuity strategy, then allowing a bank to fail would be a credible and viable option for regulators.’
    • ‘I frequently found use for its downhill speed regulator, a type of cruise control that limits your velocity on steep declines, which helped calm my queasy stomach on Lombard Street.’
    • ‘The higher the pay, the more the regulator should ask banks to strengthen their balance sheets.’
    • ‘They called for urgent action to address the problems, including a referral to the forensic science regulator.’
    • ‘The company will now come under pressure to increase airport charges at Cork to the maximum allowed by the regulator.’
    • ‘In that process we may see some of the more enthusiastic regulators retreat from what might otherwise become effective price regulation.’
    • ‘We begin with two more California banks shut down by federal regulators.’
    • ‘In effect, the intermediate holding company, under whose umbrella these subsidiaries would operate, would not be governed by a single regulator.’
    • ‘We also have experience of various ways in which the market can be gamed, and there has been no regulator to take care of that.’
    1. 1.1 A person or body that supervises a particular industry or business activity.
      ‘regulators of privatized utilities’
      ‘industry regulators’
      • ‘According to industry regulators, the number of new viruses circulating via e-mail is increasing by about 20 percent a month.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, industry regulator suggested customers use the price rises as an opportunity to shop around and see if they can get a better deal.’
      • ‘The bank was severely reprimanded by the industry regulator in Australia for lax risk management and ordered to adhere to stricter compliance procedures in the future.’
      • ‘Some form of investigation would be appropriate, and this should be independent of at least the industry and the regulators.’
      • ‘He called on the government to appoint a regulator to monitor the introduction of all development levies proposed.’
      • ‘The industry and insurance regulators responded quickly to the newly perceived hurricane risk.’
      • ‘The regulator has warned the industry that it will take tough action against any operator in breach of the regulation.’
      • ‘Alcohol regulators and industry observers should seek first to understand these favorable trends, rather than propose a host of new regulations.’
      • ‘At last, some light has been shed on the shadowy subject of identity theft and how the finance industry and its regulators can fight it.’
      • ‘Fearing a public crisis of confidence in the industry, regulators were quick to move in.’
      • ‘Economic regulators and industry associations also have a vested interest in such knowledge in order to promote the broad goals and objectives of their brief in managing the respective transport sectors.’
      • ‘Consultation will now take place with the telecommunications regulator and the industry to introduce the new low cost product at the earliest possible date, with a target of March at the latest.’
      • ‘The gas industry regulator is currently investigating high prices and is expected to publish its report soon.’
      • ‘The Public Accounts Committee is urging the industry regulator to carry out a new review into whether the market is anti-competitive.’
      • ‘The Committee has continued to provide a voice that is independent of industry and regulators in support of a sound and efficient banking financial system.’
      • ‘The industry as a whole has been lobbying the European Union to get it to apply pressure on industry regulators to relax conditions in those countries where the technology has to be deployed by a particular date.’
      • ‘He urged the Government to appoint an industry regulator immediately.’
      • ‘However, the industry regulator is yet to approve the price increases.’
      • ‘And once federal regulators are involved, industry executives are much more likely to examine their own corporate behavior.’
      • ‘Take the telecommunications industry: their Codes of Conduct are developed by industry providers, regulators and consumers.’
    2. 1.2 A device for controlling the rate of working of machinery or for controlling fluid flow, in particular a handle controlling the supply of steam to the cylinders of a steam engine.
      ‘the driver had opened the regulator to ease forward’
      as modifier ‘a speed regulator’
      • ‘Consult the manufacturer's literature for friction losses through valves, regulators, filters, and other components not listed.’
      • ‘The supply of oxygen cylinders and regulators has been increased to support more than one patient in a single room should the need arise.’
      • ‘They was given an $86,000 grant to produce the world's smallest and smartest regulator which controls the power flow in an oven.’
      • ‘Physiologists and chemists found that carbon dioxide has an important role as a regulator of the processes of metabolism.’
      • ‘Their heat output can be adjusted with a heat regulator.’
      • ‘The powers, in their infinite wisdom, have been part-funding a project to build satellite-controlled speed regulators that stop cars exceeding the limit.’
      • ‘The writing at the entrance of the building that was pasted after the incident urging residents to go to their houses and switch off the gas regulators and electric mains, is still there.’
      • ‘When finished, shut off the motor, unplug the unit and turn off the regulator valve.’
      • ‘You can buy everything from axles to voltage regulators.’
      • ‘I'd entered 87 kmph on the speed regulator because there's a 90 kmph limit on the road.’
      • ‘Also you can install tap flow aerators or regulators to decrease the amount of water used when washing your hands or brushing your teeth.’
      • ‘He checked the tank she had set out for him, tested the regulator, then tapped on the pressure gauge.’
      • ‘She then takes cells that receive the new gene and puts them onto a regeneration medium containing various additives, such as nutrients and growth regulators.’
      • ‘The company made regulators for gas cylinders.’
      • ‘We had isolated the tank, the pilot and control lines and various other components of the system, including valves and regulators, and each was flushed thoroughly.’
    3. 1.3 A device for adjusting the balance of a clock or watch in order to regulate its speed.
      • ‘An extremely accurate clock, called a regulator, is used to measure the time it occurs.’