Definition of regularize in US English:


(British regularise)


[with object]
  • 1Make (something) regular.

    • ‘In the city we started working in the slums and pressured the government to regularise schools there.’
    • ‘They propose a change in rule to regularise the practice of some teams huddling together before the playing of the National Anthem.’
    • ‘Attempts in 1770 to regularize supplies in the hands of a few chosen merchants led to rumours of a ‘famine pact’ devised by rascally ministers to starve the king's subjects.’
    • ‘The one way system was very successful in that it regularised the junctions because they were awfully dangerous and it got rid of that danger.’
    • ‘I am not interested in having a baby for at least three years, but I want to regularise my periods.’
    • ‘In his edition of 1725, the celebrated poet Alexander Pope regularized distinctions between verse and prose.’
    • ‘The new rule is to regularise the practice of traditional Indian systems of medicine and to prevent quacks.’
    • ‘In his work the image is regularized, made to conform to an internally derived schema that is made up of patterns, repeated shapes, and with a concern for the inter-relationship of forms and the association of parts to the whole.’
    • ‘It is specifically during the nineteenth century that print achieves its hegemonic status, that the familiar regularized look-and-feel of most works of print becomes more or less ubiquitous.’
    • ‘The Second Empire, generally avid for control and order, sought to regularize commerce by the reconstruction of the central market.’
    • ‘Filtered displacements feed into an Analysis module, which regularizes the data to generate a smooth deformation field and carries out a mechanics analysis.’
    • ‘By controlling and regularizing the procedures that made families up, they sought to improve adoption's outcome and reputation as well as naturalize its product.’
    • ‘First, an immigration restriction bill passed by Congress in 1917 allowed for the assignment of American medical staff to overseas consulates in order to regularize the medical exams administered to visa applicants.’
    • ‘At that time, the modern nation-state began to regularize taxation and renounce the use of surprise plunder and confiscation as fiscal devices.’
    • ‘Although there is some evidence for localized schemes of drainage and regularized land allotment, there is no hint of any overall scheme of land division.’
    • ‘The building conforms to the natural bedrock shelf, using an ambitiously constructed terrace to extend the floor surface to the west and to expand and regularize room sizes.’
    • ‘The reshaping of the square began with regularizing the piazzetta surrounding the octagonal Baptistery.’
    • ‘In 1998 things were improved by the creation of a Local Government Fund to help regularise council funding.’
    • ‘The task then is to find ways to regularize the movement of workers to where they can be productively employed.’
    • ‘Parents with prams and people with disabilities fed up with advertising boards getting in their way could be offered relief by a new code of conduct to regularise signs.’
    put right, set right, sort out, iron out, clear up, settle, resolve, find a solution to, put in order, tidy up, regulate, rectify, repair, remedy
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    1. 1.1 Establish (a hitherto temporary or provisional arrangement) on an official or correct basis.
      ‘immigrants applying to regularize their status as residents’
      • ‘The church should regularise its position by asking for an Act of Disestablishment and end this anomaly.’
      • ‘Unfortunately [he] was misled into believing… that his immigration status had been regularised.’
      • ‘In the absence of the child's immigration status being regularized such that he may lawfully enter the United States as a person intending to reside there, he could only lawfully enter as a visitor.’
      • ‘Government will then issue new exploration and production leases to all existing operators to regularise them under updated terms and conditions.’
      • ‘The consulate also hopes to regularize the position of Filipino servants working in Shanghai as soon as possible.’
      • ‘In November 2000 there was a major row and a month later he was arrested as an overstayer because his immigration status had not been regularised.’
      • ‘We would welcome them regularising the industry.’
      • ‘Mr Blake contended that, not being able to read or write, he had no knowledge of being an overstayer and had relied on his wife's assurances that she had regularised his stay in the UK.’
      • ‘Britain regularised its system only in the late 1970s and in Indian society, which is just beginning to accept formal adoption (taking in orphaned relatives and friends has its own history in India), there is a long way to go.’
      • ‘Well, are they going to regularize their relationship in some other way?’
      • ‘Mr Blake said his case was that, not being able to read or write, he had no knowledge of being an overstayer and relied on his wife's assurances she had regularised his stay.’
      • ‘Perhaps half of all couples live together without regularizing their unions with a license or a church ceremony.’
      • ‘Thus, the authorities have decided to bring such consumers into record by regularising their connections.’
      • ‘Proclamations in 1934 regularized tribal rule and powers.’
      • ‘He is now recommending that the enforcement notices should be rescinded and that those operating from the quarry without permission should be invited to submit applications to regularise their use.’