Definition of regular guy in English:

regular guy


  • An ordinary, uncomplicated, sociable man.

    • ‘There's times when I go to my island in the Bahamas and, y'know, I'm the most regular guy you'd meet.’
    • ‘The frightening thing about all of this is that it just reinforces the trend to elect candidates because we think he's personable, has a friendly smile, is a regular guy, has a pretty wife, and can collect tons of money.’
    • ‘He had more of an edge, but he seemed like a regular guy.’
    • ‘He really came across as a regular guy, someone that you feel comfortable with that you can sit down and have a conversation with.’
    • ‘These are just regular guys who wrote great songs.’
    • ‘I've had a good drink with a lot of authors and they're all really humble and regular guys, which is fantastic.’
    • ‘So again, the person remembered here was someone who was not here for very long, did not have a very high profile, someone who seemed like a regular guy.’
    • ‘It's intriguing to watch these incredibly regular guys get up on stage and create a frothy ruckus.’
    • ‘They are regular guys who enjoy going out and having fun.’
    • ‘He was such a regular guy, he was the kind of guy he would walk down the street and anybody would feel like they could go up to Jack and say hello and shake his hand.’
    • ‘As the driver comes around to open his door, he reaches out and shakes the man's hand, doing his best impression of a regular guy, and says, ‘Hey, I'm Lance.’’
    • ‘Well, his co-star told me that he is just a regular guy who puts everyone at ease on the set.’
    • ‘He isn't like anything, I'd say, he's just a regular guy.’
    • ‘We're just a bunch of regular guys mentioning the things we have to deal with at work.’
    • ‘‘Rick is more comfortable hanging out with regular guys,’’
    • ‘Both films feature regular guys coping with dramatic circumstances, and each is saddled with a trait that makes these problem near-insurmountable for them.’