Definition of reglaze in US English:



[with object]
  • Glaze (a window) again.

    • ‘The contraption not only sped up the roof steel rehabilitation, it compressed the reglazing of nearly 60,000 sq ft of glass from the two years the job originally took into just 4.5 months.’
    • ‘Today Chris Hodgson head of operations for North Bradford Community Housing Trust said: ‘It was explained to Miss Robinson that the windows would be reglazed and the door fitted on the day she moved in.’’
    • ‘The kiosk has been reglazed with five straight panes, instead of the original curved panes.’
    • ‘This particular building had a 20-year-old glazing system on the façade that was starting to fail, as they do about that age, so it was necessary to reglaze.’
    • ‘It's also blissfully easy to clean and to maintain - there's no reglazing, regrouting, revarnishing, patching up, or scrubbing down.’
    • ‘All broken windows are to be cleared and reglazed.’
    • ‘Somehow, there it survived until the following year, when Daniel recommended it be reglazed for safety.’
    • ‘On visiting the block we have discovered some minor reglazing to be done and some graffiti, both of which we will deal with in the near future.’
    • ‘Now I'm just waiting for the landlords (it's a rented property) to come and check the window so they can get it replaced/reglazed.’
    • ‘All broken windows have been removed and reglazed.’
    • ‘When reglazing, remove all old glazing compound from the window sash with a putty knife, chisel, or large screwdriver.’
    • ‘Now its classrooms have been repaired, reglazed and redecorated, and it is ready to help those children start living a normal life again.’
    • ‘In the 20th century, the windows were also reglazed with multicolored glass after the Victorian windows were blown out by a World War II bomb and a second side altar installed.’
    • ‘The only changes to the 1932 garage facade and its 1941 rear addition were to reglaze the windows with double panes and to install a new fiberglass rolling door.’
    • ‘Reims' stained glass gives an idea of the risks: reglazed in the sixteenth century, replaced higgledy-piggledy during releading in the eighteenth, wrecked by hail in the nineteenth and finished off by shellfire in the twentieth.’