Definition of registrant in English:



  • A person who registers something.

    • ‘Meanwhile, Ms Hood ruled that voter registrations would be deemed incomplete if registrants forgot to check off the box affirming their citizenship, even though they affirm their citizenship elsewhere on the form.’
    • ‘Some 80% of new registrants have told pollsters they will turn out on Election Day, but young voters in particular are notoriously distracted by such concerns as overdue term papers, bad weather, or good parties.’
    • ‘Register as soon as possible; the conference has a maximum of 550 registrants, and the last day to sign up for the conference is Monday, March 7.’
    • ‘There are anecdotal reports of millions of new registrants but no firm new numbers for some key states, including Florida and Ohio.’
    • ‘Representatives of Verizon said the response to the competition, open to the first 500 registrants logging online, was so overwhelming that they closed the entries on day one itself.’
    • ‘Late registrants will be selected on a draw basis if there is time to hear additional speakers.’
    • ‘‘This issue drove a lot of first-time voters and new registrants to the polls,’ said the Rev.’
    • ‘In fact, it's heartening that 90 per cent of registrants so far have said they want to be there for the entire walk.’
    • ‘The Securities and Exchange Commission now expects that all registrants will perform extensive valuations of acquired intangible assets on all prospective business combinations.’
    • ‘If you trace the registrant of this site, you will find that the hosting address is in America - in other words, it is an American ISP.’
    • ‘According to the State Department, information will be released only to those specified by the registrant.’
    • ‘While we don't require registration in a specific registry, any registry chosen must be accessible to the public at no charge, must be available to all potential registrants, and must be managed by a not-for-profit organization.’
    • ‘Here in Ohio, we regularly send out mailers to new registrants, saying welcome to being a voter and please vote for our candidates.’
    • ‘This year there were 65,000 new registrants during the same period - a 50 percent jump.’
    • ‘The letter was supposed to be given only to us as the registrant.’
    • ‘The 64,200 university students enrolled in 1953-54 would likely increase to more than 130,000 registrants 10 years later.’
    • ‘During World War II, of the nine million registrants examined for the armed services in the U.S., three million were rejected as physically and mentally unfit.’
    • ‘Over 98 percent of the 105,800 registrants voted for Indonesian citizenship last month.’
    • ‘Committee members and on-line registrants were brought together to network, discuss challenges, and share ideas on how to strengthen the local IT sector.’
    • ‘There is indication that Democrats are registering more new voters than Republicans, but there's also been a long-time trend that first time registrants for some reason don't go to the polls in any great numbers.’