Definition of regionally in US English:



  • In a way that relates to a region or regions.

    ‘regionally based services’
    ‘party membership varies regionally’
    ‘regionally distinct traditions’
    • ‘His beachfront house in California exemplifies his devotion to straightforward, regionally appropriate design.’
    • ‘The program will be marketed regionally.’
    • ‘We'll be working with regionally based coordinators, who will work directly with the farms to collect the data.’
    • ‘Regionally, employment prospects are more positive.’
    • ‘Increasingly, support for entrepreneurs needs to be delivered regionally.’
    • ‘Imparting his vision, he challenged California staffers to preserve regionally important landscapes instead of locally favored parcels.’
    • ‘The meaning of motifs can vary regionally, however.’
    • ‘The company's supplier diversity efforts have been recognized nationally and regionally.’
    • ‘I produce a salsa that sells very well regionally.’
    • ‘The issue would be usefully approached regionally, which he shies away from doing.’