Definition of regionalize in US English:


(British regionalise)


[with object]usually as adjective regionalized
  • Organize (a country, area, or enterprise) on a regional basis.

    ‘a regionalized system’
    • ‘Campaigns in the United States are candidate-centered, money-driven, highly individualized and regionalized.’
    • ‘We think there will obviously be an exploding demand for broadband content, and we believe the content will be regionalized and localized.’
    • ‘The accessory business can often be very regionalized.’
    • ‘Their preferences for a more decentralized political system have not prevailed, but they persist in articulating it and in doing so have captured highly regionalized bases of support.’
    • ‘Staff, who had not been dealing with telephone and fax queries at countrywide offices, regionalised their dispute two weeks ago on a rota basis by withdrawing from counter services in the afternoon.’
    • ‘This paper has attempted to remedy this with results pointing to their potential significant but regionalized adverse impact on wealth dispersion among farm families.’
    • ‘They can approve or disapprove of a Liberal majority but little else, and the highly regionalized character of the electoral choices does not allow them to do this in any unified or coherent fashion.’
    • ‘Both are large, resource-rich and highly regionalized countries.’
    • ‘If the government wants to regionalise Britain, which I have doubts about, they should say so.’
    • ‘Hospitals, schools, government offices and services are being regionalized into larger centres.’
    • ‘As programs were regionalized after the war, their content was also diversified.’
    • ‘Since 1978, when broad economic reforms began, China has experienced a highly regionalized economic development pattern.’
    • ‘This plan will aim to regionalise the waste from all areas of Connacht into a series of ‘super dumps’, incinerators and recycling plants.’
    • ‘Clearly, this is part of the Government's agenda to regionalise the service, along with the rest of local government.’
    • ‘These alliances sometimes have great breadth and may be read as strategies of liberation that respond to the current ways in which capital is regionalized and globalized.’
    • ‘Broadcasting could be regionalized, so that viewers in the Ulsan area would always be able to see live Ulsan games and people in Bucheon would always be able to see Bucheon games.’
    • ‘Finally, Italian environmental history writing, like Italy itself, is highly regionalized.’
    • ‘This happened to other clubs around the country over the past seasons yet their League representatives have voted by a large majority to continue the present system rather than regionalise the games.’
    • ‘In 1997 we estimated each club could gain £50,000 a year if they regionalised the League.’
    • ‘Dale Lyon was speaking out against a growing lobby wanting to regionalise competition - thus saving travel bills for clubs.’