Definition of regicidal in US English:



  • See regicide

    • ‘His head was displayed on a pike near Westminster Hall, the scene (according to taste) of either his greatest triumph or his most monstrous regicidal crime.’
    • ‘The plot of the novel is told in two threads, one where the protagonist is a Doctor in the service of a King and the other where the hero is a bodyguard to a regicidal Protector General.’
    • ‘No less disturbing was the loss of public esteem for the king, who became the butt of popular insults, placards, and graffiti - some of it regicidal in tone.’
    • ‘To have convicted Crosfeild for singing a regicidal song would have been unjust and even preposterous, so that at least legally there has to be some kind of aesthetic dispensation, aesthetic free space for strong expressions.’
    • ‘Did singing a regicidal song mean that the singer was himself a regicide?’