Definition of regather in US English:



  • 1with object Collect or gather (something) again.

    ‘after 1910 the workers' movement regathered momentum’
    • ‘One can see this two-part adaptation by Edward Hall and Roger Warren on consecutive evenings - or else in a complete day, with a couple of hours of afternoon sunshine between performances to regather energies for the fray.’
    • ‘After failing to gain a commitment to legislation in the Queen's Speech, the Campaign for Yorkshire is to regather its forces ahead of an expected Government White Paper on regional government in the autumn.’
    • ‘I find it frustrating having to constantly stop, help, then regather my thoughts to push on with the project I'm completing.’
    • ‘But the top-seeded Moya regathered his composure to take his third title of the year after success in Buenos Aires and Barcelona.’
    • ‘It is a chance for the union to regather its strength.’
    • ‘On regathering his senses, Dr T is summoned into a rustic dwelling inside which a woman is giving birth.’
    • ‘Finally, somewhat protected from the driving rain, they began to regather their wits and decided to discuss their next move.’
    • ‘In the four years of a Kerry administration, we can regather our forces and select someone less obvious and more competent to run against him in 2008, re-asserting true conservative dominance in the years to come.’
    • ‘After Rhea had regathered her wits, taken off her outer overtop and gypsy - shirt and placed the photo-like projection pad in her room, she decided to return to the others, perhaps to mingle with a certain someone.’
    • ‘Is it your sense this hurricane is going to ebb further in strength or there any likelihood here that it will regather its strength?’
    • ‘After a while, when she'd regathered her wits, and caught her breath, she raised her head to look around.’
    • ‘Before she could regather her composure, he had rendered her ineffective as he held her firmly.’
    • ‘Realistically, I know that some projects take more than one session and putting everything away and then regathering it every time, is just as damaging to the creative process as not finding a place to work.’
    • ‘‘Oh, but Mrs. Nichols,’ she said, trying to regather her thoughts again, inwardly berating her weakness.’
    • ‘The short kick-off after Martin's try was regathered by Darren Callaghan, who made a bigger impact at scrum-half in the second half than he had at full-back in the first.’
    • ‘He dangled lifeless for a moment, making sure he regathered his energy before swinging his body up over the wall and landing painfully on the other side.’
    • ‘Groves scored next when Paul Scott kicked through on the last, regathered the ball and touched down under the posts.’
    • ‘But once in a while people are brave and regather their energies in the face of further governmental arrogations of power.’
    • ‘Oddie converted, but only after the ball had fallen over, forcing the quick-thinking Orcadian to regather it and drop the conversion with his left - and wrong - kicking foot.’
    • ‘Alia would be on the handrails holding herself up, trying to regather the little strength she had.’
  • 2no object Meet or come together again.

    ‘they regathered at lunchtime to resume their drinking’
    • ‘Today the congregation will regather in St Andrews to acclaim the youngest-ever winner of golf's Grand Slam.’
    • ‘He starts to rebuild the bridge, a small crowd regathers, and a ripple of applause once more spreads across to the island.’
    • ‘Alas the surge was short lived as West regathered and countered the Eagle attack.’
    • ‘The Taira regathered with their fleet at Yashima off the island of Shikoku.’
    • ‘The whole group of protesters was able to regather from the violence and march peacefully through the CBD, past boutique fashion and jewellery shops, without damaging a thing.’
    • ‘Many of those present headed for individual reunion locations before regathering that night at Wharf 8 for the Sunset presentation by the RAN Band.’
    • ‘But the Tigers simply regathered, reset and presented the ball to Healey.’
    • ‘They did regather for one last effort but despite an onslaught which produced a yellow card for the listless Boks' captain Joost van der Westhuizen the home defence held out.’
    • ‘‘It will fix you right up,’ she said, as the last of her friends departed, heading home to freshen up before regathering for dinner at the club.’