Definition of regardful in US English:



regardful of
  • predicative Paying attention to; mindful of.

    ‘Parker was not overly regardful of public opinion’
    • ‘He requires that charity shall be thoughtful of its consequences, shall be regardful of the interest of the supposed oppressor, as well as of the supposed victim, and shall act only after due inquiry and upon reasonable and probable cause.’
    • ‘See, I would have loved to be able to make this list instead: amiable, charitable, compassionate, devoted, duteous, and regardful.’
    • ‘By using the simple guideline of Rogers' principle, I was able to be empathic, regardful and genuine simultaneously.’
    honourable, honest, trustworthy, dependable, worthy, respectable, upright, clean-living, incorrupt, virtuous, good, ethical, moral
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