Definition of regard in English:



  • 1Consider or think of (someone or something) in a specified way.

    ‘she regarded Omaha as her base’
    ‘he was highly regarded by senators of both parties’
    • ‘Yet, you're generally regarded now as a great sculptor and artist.’
    • ‘We reluctantly conclude that we must regard the resulting convictions as unsafe.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, artists examine how America regards their own countries.’
    • ‘Having studied and lived overseas for 15 years, Cai regards this fireworks show as a good chance for him to gain contact with the country's mainstream culture.’
    • ‘In 1851 he founded his own piano factory, producing instruments highly regarded by his contemporaries.’
    • ‘How do you feel about being a regarded as a lesbian sex symbol?’
    • ‘While well regarded by his contemporaries he did not exert major influence or attract artistic followers.’
    • ‘I have set that part of the judgment out in detail because I regard it as of considerable importance.’
    • ‘Second, the notion that people will be genetically designed is widely regarded with suspicion rather than anticipation.’
    • ‘The political party is regarded with cynical disdain.’
    • ‘Both are utterly professional and are regarded with something approaching awe by their contemporaries.’
    • ‘I regard this statement of considerable importance; it sets the background against which it is crucial to consider the issues in the case.’
    • ‘He was widely regarded by colleagues as one of the leading experts in his field.’
    • ‘None of those matters elaborated can possibly be regarded as irrelevant considerations.’
    • ‘But moulds, although generally regarded with suspicion, are also of importance.’
    • ‘More people are now willing to listen to the man many once regarded with contempt or annoyance.’
    • ‘The Importance of Being Earnest is regarded in some circles as being Wilde's best work.’
    • ‘Stewart, though, is well regarded in banking circles and could be the right man at the right time.’
    • ‘At this point it is interesting to look back and consider which we regard as his cleverest clue.’
    • ‘He did not regard his formal studies to be a happy experience, but remained a life-long disciple of self-culture.’
    consider, look on, view, see, hold, think, think of, contemplate, count, judge, deem, estimate, evaluate, interpret, appraise, assess, make of, find, put down as, take for, account, reckon, treat, adjudge, size up, value, rate, gauge, sum up, weigh up
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    1. 1.1 Gaze at steadily in a specified fashion.
      ‘Professor Ryker regarded him with a faint smile’
      • ‘Above him the huge form peered down at him and regarded him quizzically.’
      • ‘It's been a week and he still regards me with that disconcertingly haunted stare.’
      • ‘Angus produced his Ordinance Survey map and Jimmy regarded it with distaste.’
      • ‘He jerked his head out of her grip, and regarded her again with that emotionless gaze of his.’
      • ‘But Rich, silent until now, was regarding Shaun with a contemplative gaze.’
      • ‘She turned her head to regard him with a deathly frosty gaze.’
      • ‘When he turned his gaze to regard the trees, he realized that they seemed to be fading in and out of existence whenever he attempted to focus on one.’
      • ‘I was also uncomfortably aware of the fact that Brendan was regarding me with a steady gaze.’
      • ‘Regan turned around to regard him, but the guard squirmed under his gaze.’
      • ‘He leaned back against the edge of the table and regarded me steadily.’
      • ‘I regarded my toes as they peeped out of the water while I floated on my back.’
      • ‘While Mona stares uncomfortably into the horse's eye, Tamsin regards her with poised bemusement.’
      • ‘When I looked up she was regarding me with a level stare.’
      • ‘There was no emotion on his face, and his gaze seemed pretty blank as he regarded it, as though waiting for something to happen.’
      • ‘Edella regards me quizzically, but I just stare right back at her with an equally confused expression.’
      • ‘She sent Daniel an apologetic look, but he was regarding Melvin with rigid steadiness.’
      • ‘With a small sigh, Laine turned her gaze to Alvar, who was regarding Lexa with an expression that was a cross between confusion and anxiety.’
      • ‘I lazily dropped the envelopes to my side on the couch and sat back with a hopeless sigh, staring directly at the droning television, not regarding anything happening on it.’
      • ‘He, evidently, did not know what he was in store for, because he was regarding her with a patronizing stare, most likely underestimating her abilities.’
      • ‘He was regarding her steadily; she couldn't quite be sure whether he was smiling or not.’
      look at, contemplate, eye, gaze at, stare at
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    2. 1.2 (of a thing) have relation to or connection with; concern.
      ‘if these things regarded only myself, I could stand it with composure’
      • ‘Just as a last thought, though, there is one other question that you should consider asking and it regards terms and conditions.’
      • ‘Your main safety concern regards the use of your power drill.’
      • ‘One characteristic of modernity regards perception.’
      • ‘The case regards the misappropriation of a total of Rp 14 billion from the 2003 council budget fund to establish a councillors' housing compound.’
      • ‘And if the question regards the health of the mother, isn't that exactly when parents should be notified.’
      • ‘The latest incident regards a Christian sect known as the ‘Shouters.’’
      apply to, be relevant to, have relevance to, concern, refer to, have reference to, belong to, pertain to, be pertinent to, have to do with, bear on, have a bearing on, appertain to, affect, involve, cover, touch
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    3. 1.3archaic Pay attention to; heed.
      ‘he talked very wisely, but I regarded him not’
      heed, pay heed to, pay attention to, attend to, listen to, mind, take notice of, take into consideration, take into account
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  • 1Attention to or concern for something.

    ‘the court must have regard to the principle of welfare’
    ‘she rescued him without regard for herself’
    • ‘His Lordship was satisfied on the material before him that the Justices had regard to the material consideration.’
    • ‘He loses his sense of honour, and often his regard for truth.’
    • ‘Our politicians show little regard for animal welfare or human safety.’
    • ‘Athletes usually take these supplements recklessly with no regard for their welfare.’
    • ‘They're determined to impose this agreement on the Australian people without regard for very legitimate concerns.’
    • ‘In fact, Gandhi said that only people with a high regard for the law were qualified for civil disobedience.’
    • ‘Indiscriminately slashing parking space by half with no regard to residents' own needs is wrong, few can argue with that.’
    • ‘Societies that imagine corporate identity, as nations or religions often do, pay more attention to the whole and give less regard to the individuals who form the whole.’
    • ‘The goal of this principle is the prevention of broad indiscriminate attacks without regard to civilian casualties and property.’
    • ‘They seem to have nothing to say about our government conducting itself without regard to morality whenever it is convenient.’
    • ‘Equal treatment without regard to race remains the enduring promise of the American creed.’
    • ‘However, these norms are thrown to the winds and the owners have scant regard for public safety.’
    • ‘In my judgment it is legitimate to have regard to public perception when considering the characteristics of a penal system.’
    • ‘I'm also concerned that the change is being made piecemeal, without regard to the proposed redevelopment of the waterfront and City Hall car park.’
    • ‘Out here even the local authority pays scant regard to the notices and rules of the Department of Nature Conservation.’
    • ‘I am unable to accept the submission that the Secretary of State paid too little regard to therapeutic considerations.’
    • ‘But that does not mean they were conducted without regard to theory.’
    • ‘A man walks this land, a madman who holds no regard for human life.’
    • ‘Mr O'Gorman said the Church had continually fought compensation cases in a callous manner showing no regard for the victims concerned.’
    • ‘Such things ought not to interfere with our regard for the sanctity of human life.’
    consideration, care, concern, sympathy, thought, mind, notice, heed, attention, interest
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    1. 1.1 High opinion; liking and respect; esteem.
      ‘she had a particular regard for Eliot’
      • ‘He was good neighbour and friend who commanded much regard and respect in the area.’
      • ‘While this book may not increase one's regard for American life, it does fascinate.’
      • ‘One of the grand ' old stock ' of the area, Nora commanded great regard throughout the community.’
      • ‘What is clear is the regard Lisa has for her family and her art, and the central role of God in her life.’
      • ‘Further evidence, if any were needed, of the regard in which the First Division's front-runners hold each other was provided by the rousing nature of the early exchanges.’
      • ‘Still, none of these disagreements affected either my intellectual or personal regard for Illich.’
      • ‘I suppose people just want to show their love and regard and respect for me.’
      • ‘Through collective agreement, the book format, a scholarly binding, is held in a higher regard than magazines and other similar entertainment circulations.’
      • ‘Pleasant and affable in his dealings with people, he commanded great regard throughout the community.’
      • ‘He expressed particular regard for Frans Hals, an acknowledged Golden Age master of the Dutch group portrait.’
      • ‘Unlike most of his contemporaries, Doyle rarely watches movies and has no particular regard for Hollywood.’
      • ‘Bill commanded great regard throughout the community and news of his passing was received with much regret and sadness.’
      • ‘We respect people and have regard for people if they are good at what they do.’
      • ‘I have no doubt that it was a more accurate insight into the regard in which he is held than the caricatures of oppression which have been fed to us for 40 years.’
      • ‘Judging rationally for oneself makes one think like an adult - and so earn the regard of others.’
      • ‘Remarkably, given the regard in which Led Zeppelin are held, none of it sounds like pastiche, possibly because these nods to the past are surrounded by music that fixes its gaze firmly forward.’
      • ‘Students should have great respect and regard for their teachers, she said.’
      • ‘The great gathering of friends reflected the special esteem and regard in which Paddy was held by a legion of people.’
      • ‘A lady of gentle and quiet disposition, Mary Ellen was a firm favourite throughout the local rural community where she commanded great regard and respect.’
      • ‘At the gathering, Secretary General Kofi Annan listened quietly to three and a half hours of bluntly worded counsel from a group united in its personal regard for him and support for the United Nations.’
      esteem, respect, high opinion, acclaim, admiration, approval, approbation, popularity, appreciation, estimation, favour, deference, reverence, veneration, liking, affection, love
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    2. 1.2in singular A gaze; a steady or significant look.
      ‘he shifted uneasily before their clear regard’
      • ‘The gaze is steady and there is both a reserve and a frank regard in her eyes.’
      • ‘Levin looked at him hard as he signed another document; he was aware of the regard, but did not speak.’
      • ‘Her husband was a tall, long-featured man, with a brown beard; he had a pondering regard; and was, it must be added, usually kind and tolerant to her.’
      • ‘With the luxury of time, the regard of the subject can move from confrontational and guarded to direct and open.’
      • ‘We never see Lisa as others do, nor do we exactly see what Lisa is seeing, for she sees not with an outward regard but with an inner one, an imaginary self, years afterward.’
      • ‘And how does this past, with a mere gesture or a simple regard, haunt and torment you as you wander along an empty cotton field or a dusty country road?’
      look, gaze, stare, fixed look, intent look
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  • 2regardsBest wishes (used to express friendliness in greetings, especially at the end of letters)

    ‘give her my regards’
    ‘Warm regards, Helen’
    • ‘His many friends and supporters in Killarney send their best regards to the genial Christy and we all hope to see him out and about very soon.’
    • ‘At any rate, I am looking forward to Anansi Boys and I love your blog. Warmest regards, Mary Bongiovi’
    • ‘Best regards and thanks once again for helping to spread the good news!’
    • ‘For those living on the other side of the wall, well, they had our warmest personal regards and best wishes.’
    • ‘I hope the article is coming along well. Regards, Jack Farquhar’
    • ‘Thanks to everyone for their best wishes and regards.’
    • ‘First, I send my sincerest regards to the friends and family of Mr Luxton, Mr Falloon, and, of course, David Lange.’
    • ‘José, a product of Port Rex High School and Pollock Sports, sends his regards to friends here and says ‘see you in November’.’
    • ‘I asked him to pass on my regards and my hopes that life, no matter how short from now on, will be kind to them.’
    • ‘By the way, give my regards to your friend Rhapsody, and thank her for her kindness.’
    • ‘First of all, I would like to convey my deep regards to our best friend Mr. Bush.’
    • ‘The President of Ireland sent her regards and friends and relations from her home place and from Castledermot gathered to wish her well for a long, long time to come.’
    • ‘But please give my regards and good wishes to your family, especially to Gwen.’
    • ‘Don't forget to tell the guys that I send regards and that I hope we can be together in Silver City.’
    • ‘Please pass on my thanks and regards to your friend, Stoatie.’
    • ‘Well, we're coming home soon, my family sends their regards.’
    • ‘And last but not least, send warm wishes, love, and best regards to yourself and Sara.’
    best wishes, good wishes, greetings, kind regards, kindest regards, felicitations, salutations, respects, compliments, best, love
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  • as regards

    • Concerning; with respect to.

      ‘as regards content, the program will cover important current issues’
      • ‘As regards other offenders, the surveys we carried out as part of the price awareness campaign towards the end of last year showed how prices can vary widely.’
      • ‘One such issue for Ireland is taxation, particularly as regards our favourable company tax rate.’
      • ‘Now as regards access and control, this doesn't really leave students with very much control.’
      • ‘She notes that not a lot has changed in 30 years as regards the ratio of women in politics in Carlow.’
      • ‘I will also still not be in the clear as regards possible infection from Alec last week, and neither will my mum.’
      • ‘As regards the survey data, the proof of the pudding will be clear when we see how the Home Office presents the conclusions.’
      • ‘This radio show is one of many that Patrick will be appearing on but it is one of the better ones as regards listenership.’
      • ‘I am willing to meet Mr Fagan to discuss any proposals he has for the park and I am sure he has a lot to offer as regards ideas for the park.’
      • ‘The parties reserved their position in this respect as regards any future proceedings.’
      • ‘But as regards the insurgency, they're evidently not particularly relevant at all.’
      concerning, as regards, with regard to, in regard to, with respect to, in respect of, with reference to, relating to, respecting, as for, as to, re, about, apropos, on the subject of, in connection with
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  • in this (or that) regard

    • In connection with the point previously mentioned.

      ‘there was little incentive for them to be active in this regard’
      • ‘Baltinglass is served a lot better than most towns of its size in this regard.’
      • ‘The health minister has been particularly prominent in the media in this regard.’
      • ‘In this regard a molecule was considered to be a unit of - or the smallest particle of - a compound that retained the chemical properties of the substance.’
      • ‘The authorities have shown time and again that they are helpless in this regard.’
      • ‘Inner city entrepreneurs may have an edge in this regard because their market requires local knowledge.’
      • ‘He singled out the areas of sport, academics and opera for special mention in this regard.’
      • ‘I am sure that the sale of the properties will assist in that regard, as already mentioned.’
      • ‘In this regard the survey shows that 71% of young farmers do not believe the CAP proposals will benefit Irish agriculture.’
      • ‘It is often mentioned in the same breath in that regard as Saul Bellow's The Adventures of Augie March.’
      • ‘Poets can play significant role by creating public awareness in this regard, he said.’
      respect, aspect, facet, consideration, point, item, characteristic, particular, detail, specific, particularity, fact
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  • with (or in or having) regard to

    • As concerns; with respect to.

      ‘he made inquiries with regard to Beth’
      • ‘With regard to internalizing spectrum behavioral problems, many of these children with a history of foster care placement demonstrate resilience.’
      • ‘Such installations are giving rise to some concern, especially having regard to the sums needed to rectify the defects.’
      • ‘With regard to a matter raised by Mr Hide, he is exactly correct.’
      • ‘Moreover, so far as Child 2 was concerned, having regard to the terms of what she had said, no action was taken at the time.’
      • ‘In regard to treatment, the only real option Western Medicine offers is intervention with early educational programs.’
      • ‘I would like to make two applications, one in regard to this proceeding here and one in regard to the public inquiry.’
      • ‘It appears that they have had little or no support in regard to either their professional or personal concerns.’
      • ‘People's preferences in regard to how they keep in touch are undergoing a gradual change.’
      • ‘Waite is said to have consulted a media lawyer with regard to this matter.’
      • ‘With regard to urban illness and death in winter, prevention is directed at around 50000 excess deaths that still occur annually in Britain in cold weather.’
      concerning, as regards, with regard to, in regard to, with respect to, in respect of, with reference to, relating to, respecting, as for, as to, re, about, apropos, on the subject of, in connection with
      regarding, concerning, as regards, in regard to, with respect to, in respect of, with reference to, relating to, respecting, as for, as to, re, about, apropos, on the subject of, in connection with
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Middle English: from Old French regarder ‘to watch’, from re- ‘back’ (also expressing intensive force) + garder ‘to guard’.