Definition of refresher course in US English:

refresher course


  • A short course reviewing or updating previous studies or training connected with one's profession.

    • ‘I have secured a place on a two-month refresher course to be held in one of the maternity hospitals.’
    • ‘And if anyone needs a refresher course on that topic, they should take a look at the complete text of attorney Floyd Abrams' report.’
    • ‘What students would benefit from is a refresher course in personal responsibility.’
    • ‘The CHC is calling for all NHS trust and primary care trust directors and other appropriate staff to go on a refresher course about the need to consult patients when changes to services are proposed.’
    • ‘Drivers found guilty of breaking rules are sent for a refresher course, scientifically designed to both teach them the road rules and reduce high stress levels with yoga.’
    • ‘I'll probably need to do a refresher course, practice my long distance swimming, scrape the dust off my dive gear, and shed some weight to squeeze back into my custom-made wetsuit!’
    • ‘A two-day refresher course for people who have already been through the programme is being held at the Thistle Hotel in Fleming Way, Swindon starting on Saturday.’
    • ‘And if you don't think such considerations are crossing their minds at this time of crisis, may we suggest a refresher course in The Facts of Life?’
    • ‘Her refresher course attracted 11 teachers from Levin through to New Plymouth and reflected the growing interest in the dance form.’
    • ‘According to the report, the company is going to invest huge sums of money in an unprecedented remoulding project for the young man, in which he is supposed to take a refresher course in college and then serve in the army.’
    • ‘A refresher course doesn't have to be an actual lesson - it can be as simple as a mental adjustment.’
    • ‘I think a refresher course every three or so years would improve safety on the roads.’
    • ‘Perhaps one of our colleges could step in, and, alongside evening classes in web page design and advanced computer studies, run a handwriting refresher course.’
    • ‘He provides a refresher course on the menstrual cycle and facts on PMS, recommended foods and nutraceuticals, and discusses the pharmaceutical option.’
    • ‘One nurse had not worked in nursing for a few years and was taking the class as a refresher course.’
    • ‘The annual refresher course and cardiopulmonary resuscitation practice lasts a day and is followed by an examination.’
    • ‘A training programme will be introduced for new recruits with a refresher course for existing drivers.’
    • ‘Nick had come along on an open-water refresher course with Lynn, one of the centre's instructors.’
    • ‘I will fly out in early June and spend a week on a sailing refresher course before beginning as an instructor.’
    • ‘First aid training is mandatory, and I take a refresher course from the Red Cross every year or so.’


refresher course

/rəˈfrɛʃər ˌkɔrs/