Definition of refresh in English:



  • 1 Give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.

    ‘the shower had refreshed her’
    ‘I awoke feeling calm and refreshed’
    • ‘Prayer renewed Jesus' strength, soothed and refreshed his spirit, and imbued his heart with confidence.’
    • ‘I woke up feeling really refreshed, and then people just kept interrogating me all through the day.’
    • ‘And I expect to be back here on Thursday, refreshed, revived and reinvigorated.’
    • ‘Feeling more refreshed and alert, she ventured to look around more closely.’
    • ‘Those who read it should be prepared to be refreshed and renewed.’
    • ‘After several days of faithfully following the regimen Dr Li had prescribed, I wake up refreshed with renewed energy and my symptoms have disappeared.’
    • ‘In Chicago the natural light bathing her room helped to energize and refresh her.’
    • ‘It's a time to be refreshed and restored, not drained and wearied.’
    • ‘The reason for the prohibition of work was so that man could be renewed and refreshed by having one whole day that work could not claim.’
    • ‘We hope that visitors stepping in for a moment or two into the past will be refreshed in the present and inspired for the future.’
    • ‘No matter what the circumstances he almost always found time for a two-hour nap in mid-afternoon, from which he emerged refreshed and reinvigorated.’
    • ‘Dancing not only energises the body and refreshes the mind, but also brings about a lot of social interaction.’
    • ‘As she sipped at it, new strength came into her bones and she was refreshed.’
    • ‘I took a shower to refresh myself and got dressed to meet with Taiko.’
    • ‘Not even the freezing mountain-water shower can refresh me and I crash into my sleeping bag, desperately craving a full night's rest.’
    • ‘I can recall having one of my best sleeps since arriving in Australia that night, and waking feeling thoroughly refreshed the next day.’
    • ‘Its makers say that should ensure you wake up feeling refreshed every morning.’
    • ‘The right kind of meditation undertaken sincerely and methodically will bring energy, peace and refresh the body and mind.’
    • ‘He appeared refreshed after the break, scoring a career-high 28 points at Golden State.’
    • ‘A hot shower refreshed me and got me ready for a relaxing evening enjoying my new treasure.’
    reinvigorate, revitalize, revive, restore, brace, fortify, strengthen, give new strength to, enliven, perk up, stimulate, freshen, energize, exhilarate, reanimate, wake up, resuscitate, revivify, rejuvenate, regenerate, renew, breathe new life into
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    1. 1.1 Stimulate or jog (someone's memory) by checking or going over previous information.
      ‘he was able to refresh her memory on many points’
      • ‘According to Dr. Srinivas, once we are able to refresh our memory of our rich past and our timeless heritage, we would be in a position to rededicate ourselves to reviving the affluence and wisdom of India.’
      • ‘(If you need to refresh your memory about geological periods and evolution, check out this figure).’
      • ‘Let's refresh your memory and remind you why you are able to speak freely, albeit ineptly.’
      • ‘If you need to refresh your memory, just read the previous chapter.’
      • ‘Mr. Perrot, whilst accepting that he now had no independent recollection of events, had to an extent been able to refresh his memory from the documents.’
      • ‘It was worth perusing some of the other lists, as they refreshed my historical memory a bit.’
      • ‘Being 59 I have a lot of ‘Senior Moments’ myself and it's good to be able to have superb reference material to refresh my memory!’
      • ‘To refresh your memory, a third of the US population - 76 million - was born between 1946 and 1964.’
      • ‘I suggest you go back and read the last bit of the previous chapter - that might refresh your memory.’
      • ‘They had given me full charge of cleaning up after myself, and my mother had even refreshed my memory as to how the washing machine worked.’
      • ‘Discover new information or refresh your memory.’
      • ‘He had refreshed his memory by consulting the meticulous diaries he has kept throughout his career.’
      • ‘The chapters also refresh the memory by providing concise statistical information on laboratory measures.’
      • ‘I explained in detail that it's too soon for any activity and refreshed his memory on the specific instructions given by his doctor.’
      • ‘He refreshes my memory of yesterday's conversation.’
      • ‘Old memories were refreshed when veteran scribes recently got an invitation to a press conference at the old office.’
      • ‘The threat of indictment for perjury, however, appears to have refreshed his memory.’
      • ‘Just to refresh my memory, I checked my Eircom invoices from twelve months ago.’
      • ‘However, it remains true that the evidence of witnesses is likely to have been dimmed and witnesses for Computer 2000 will not be able to refresh their memory from documents that were destroyed.’
      • ‘Senator Hill says he's refreshed his memory, and he was informed about Amnesty's concerns, through two situation reports in 2003.’
      jog, stimulate, prompt, prod, activate, rouse, arouse
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    2. 1.2 Revise or update (skills or knowledge)
      ‘short-term courses give nurses an opportunity to refresh their skills’
      • ‘After her airport job wound up, Mrs Miller returned to night school, to refresh her clerical skills.’
      • ‘You see, I need to refresh my longhand skills for the up-coming exams.’
      • ‘Teachers in Orkney will have greater opportunities to refresh and enhance their skills thanks to a £67,000 award from the Scottish Executive.’
      • ‘The Conservatives would offer courses to grandparents who wanted to refresh their childcare skills.’
      • ‘The newsagent, who has been running Longstaffs in West Road since 1980, worked as a postmaster in the 1970s and is willing to refresh his old skills or even rent out part of his shop to Royal Mail to help out his neighbours.’
      • ‘Training is important to Murdoch who refreshes his knowledge through reading and attending conferences.’
      • ‘We hold the students responsible for the information taught in OBC and encourage them to refresh their knowledge via the Internet.’
      • ‘The seminar will be particularly valuable to those members who want to refresh their knowledge of corporate tax issues.’
      • ‘Team instructors have been able to refresh their skills with instructor development training, additional language training and lesson rehearsals with interpreters.’
      • ‘Students were given the day off so teachers from across the Mid West could refresh and improve their skills.’
      • ‘Education helps parents improve or refresh their marketable skills.’
      • ‘Employers must make reasonable efforts to enable returning employees to refresh or upgrade their skills to enable them to qualify for re-employment.’
      • ‘It would take just a year and £15,000 to refresh the skills of the 3,000 refugee doctors in Britain.’
      • ‘Of relevance here is whether leave has been granted in the past to employees who wish to enhance or refresh their skills in another area of specialisation unconnected with their current position.’
      • ‘Just remember, training is never a bad idea, and you can use a new hire as an excuse to refresh the skills of longstanding staffers, too.’
      • ‘Though aimed at medical students, it is an ideal site for the postgraduate practitioner to refresh skills that may not be used regularly.’
      • ‘The rest of the evening gave CAs an opportunity to connect and practice their newly refreshed networking skills.’
      • ‘Before taking on any new work, be honest with yourself about whether your skills need refreshing.’
      • ‘This professional educational development at Vail richly rewarded teachers, helping them refresh skills, clarify what they had learned and acquire new knowledge.’
      • ‘As a result of having to master so many different tasks, business owners should refresh their managerial skills regularly.’
    3. 1.3Computing Update the display on (a screen)
      • ‘Remember to refresh the page when you get there if there's nothing new.’
      • ‘Who in their right mind refreshes a page just so they can see ads.’
      • ‘Please Click F5 to refresh the page and get the latest updates’
      • ‘Please press the F5 button to refresh the page and get the latest updates from the race.’
      • ‘Then I refreshed the page to check this morning's post and guess what?’
    4. 1.4North American Pour more (drink) for someone or refill (a container) with drink.
      ‘the tea is cold and the pot needs refreshing’
      • ‘Yahnna paused to refresh Duvessa's drink and to think for a moment.’
      • ‘Half way through her second beer she refreshed her vodka.’
      • ‘She got up and walked to the kitchen, probably to refresh her drink.’
      • ‘But she added, ‘That doesn't mean the cabin attendant wouldn't be happy to refresh someone's drink.’’
      • ‘Tea and lemonade were refreshed, and we talked a while longer about reading in general.’
      • ‘Placing the wet bar within the study made sense, but forcing guests to trek around the staircase, past the front door, and down a short hallway to refresh their drinks seemed inconvenient.’
      • ‘Ramirez shrugged and moved to the dispenser to refresh his drink.’
      • ‘Colonel Harris paused to refresh his own drink.’
      • ‘I found myself in the kitchen a few times, refreshing my beverage, without having paused the film - something I never do.’
      refill, top up, replenish, recharge
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    5. 1.5 Place or keep (food) in cold water so as to cool or maintain freshness.
      • ‘To blanch the almonds, cover them with boiling water for a few minutes, refresh them under cold water, drain them and rub the skins off with your finger tips.’
      • ‘Drain and refresh under cold water, then layer up between sheets of clingfilm and keep in the fridge until needed.’
      • ‘Blanch the bean sprouts in the boiling water for 25 seconds then refresh under cold running water.’
      • ‘It's easy to tell when beetroot is cooked, just wait until its skin begins to wrinkle and loosen, so that once it has been refreshed in cold water, you can slip it off easily.’
      • ‘Peel and blanch the asparagus briefly in boiling water, then refresh under cold water.’
      • ‘The leaves, if sufficiently young and tender, may be eaten raw; but it is usual to parboil them, refresh them in cold water, and serve them as sunomono.’
      • ‘Cook the peas in simmering salted water for 4 minutes until tender, then drain, refresh in cold water and drain again.’
      • ‘Drain and refresh under cold running water then dry thoroughly (I wring them in a clean tea towel).’
      • ‘Most importantly, have a bowl of cold water to refresh them as soon as they're lifted from the pan because they'll go soggy if left to cook longer.’
      • ‘Make the braised lettuce: halve the lettuces and blanch them quickly in boiling salted water, then refresh in cold water and drain well.’
      • ‘Drain the vegetables, refresh briefly in cold water and drain again.’
      • ‘Refresh under cold water, then rub off the outer skins.’
      • ‘Cook the inaniwa pasta in plenty of boiling salted water until cooked, then refresh in cold water and drain.’


  • An act or function of updating the display on a screen.

    • ‘The refresh interval is set to three hours, a reasonable compromise between bandwidth conservation and paranoia.’
    • ‘Click refresh for latest updates (all times BST).’
    • ‘Presumably the USB controller is doing a refresh or something which triggers the display driver to behave that way.’
    • ‘A database refresh is achieved by fully reharvesting the metadata.’
    • ‘The RTAI kernel module detects the vertical refresh of the monitor and changes a pointer in the video card memory that tells the video card what to draw on the screen.’


Late Middle English: from Old French refreschier, from re- back + fres(che) fresh.