Definition of refreeze in US English:



  • Make or become frozen again.

    • ‘Once the milk has been thawed, it should not be refrozen.’
    • ‘Immediately refreeze only those packages that are still solidly frozen.’
    • ‘Turkey thawed in the refrigerator can be refrozen without cooking, although there may be some loss of quality.’
    • ‘Field conditions necessitated that eggs be boiled and then frozen, and they experienced several periods of thawing and refreezing on the trip from field to laboratory.’
    • ‘Official monitors didn't catch the changes in levels because it appears the water gauge near the bridge was frozen in place after the river broke and refroze the first time.’
    • ‘A portion of the snow or ice melts during the day and refreezes at night, which makes the walls undergo daily freeze/thaw cycles.’
    • ‘40 degrees F or below the food is safe and may be refrozen.’
    • ‘Other more localized areas appear to have melted over broad regions and blocks of ice have foundered, tilted, and become refrozen.’
    • ‘A subsample of the perfusate was refrozen for chemical analysis.’
    • ‘Winter urban areas see so much traffic that snow gets melted only to refreeze as ice, which makes the roads dangerous.’
    • ‘The thin layer of topsoil is constantly thawing and refreezing during the summer, and this makes any plant growth very difficult.’
    • ‘It's not safe to reheat or refreeze previously warmed food, so throw away any left over at the end of a mealtime. Put a bib on your baby, and keep some wipes handy for cleaning messy faces!’
    • ‘It is melted and then refrozen and has to be monitored by an ‘ice doctor’ who has to stay on site for the week.’
    • ‘The frozen serum was thawed, and an aliquot was removed for testing; the remainder of serum was immediately refrozen at - 80 deg C.’
    • ‘If meat, chicken or fish falls below the right temperature and is refrozen, it can be very dangerous.’
    • ‘It's always best to refreeze the previously frozen wheat after 30 days to assure that any eggs hatched since the last treatment are killed.’
    • ‘If the caution light is flashing it means one of two things - the machine is out of syrup or it needs time to refreeze.’
    • ‘The Edinburgh team have discovered that at ‘high’ ice temperatures, for example - 5 degrees C, friction creates ripples in the ice surfaces because some ice has melted and then refrozen.’
    • ‘Press it into a simple glass mixing bowl lined with plastic wrap, refreeze it until it gets hard, and unmold it onto a plate.’
    • ‘Eliasson's point of focus is the ‘tongue,’ the geological term for glacial movement in which a mountain snowcap melts, runs down into, a valley and refreezes.’